Gladstone definition

Gladstone means Gladstone Capital Corporation, a Maryland corporation.
Gladstone means Gladstone Land Corporation, a Maryland corporation.
Gladstone means Gladstone Power CorporationUSA Holdings LLC, of 5330 Montose Drive, Dallas Texas USA, a private Nevada limited liability company;

Examples of Gladstone in a sentence

  • Clause 9.38.5(a) continues to apply in respect of the generating system at Gladstone Power Station and the load at the Boyne Island aluminium smelter despite the entering into connection agreements in replacement of the Interconnection and Power Pooling Agreement as envisaged in clause 9.38.5(d).

  • Despite anything to the contrary in clause 5.2.2, if the generating system at Gladstone Power Station meets the technical connection requirements of the Interconnection and Power Pooling Agreement, or the technical requirements of a replacement connection agreement no less onerous than those in the Interconnection and Power Pooling Agreement, the relevant generating system is to be deemed to comply with all the technical connection requirements of the Rules in respect of the Gladstone Power Station.

  • The technical connection and network pricing requirements of the Interconnection and Power Pooling Agreement dated 30 March 1994 between the owners of the Gladstone Power Station and the Queensland Electricity Commission (as amended prior to 18 January 1998) are to be taken to be a connection agreement in respect of both the Gladstone Power Station and the Boyne Island aluminium smelter unless replacement connection agreements are entered into in respect of the power station and smelter.

  • Rick Gladstone, “Data on Iran Dims Outlook for Economy,” New York Times, October 13, 2012.

  • No assurance can be given that the law will not change in a way that will prevent Gladstone from qualifying as a REIT.

  • This Act is subject to the Gladstone Power Station Agreement Act 1993.

  • The areas described in Parts 18, 19 and 20 of that table are declared to be the Port of Gladstone — Rodds Bay Species Conservation (Dugong Protection) SMA.

  • This information must be available to Gladstone Regional Council or relevant government agencies on request, or works on the project may be stopped.The above requirements shall be reflected in the specification or contract for the works such that the contractor makes written agreement to these terms.

  • Be cautious when discussing sensitive information in public places like elevators, airports, restaurants and “quasi-public” areas within the Gladstone group of companies.

  • These spaces and all vehicle movement areas are to be constructed, drained, linemarked and maintained in accordance with Part 14 Division 4 of the Planning Scheme for the City of Gladstone and AS 2890.1.

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