GHG Compliance Instrument definition

GHG Compliance Instrument means any instrument, including but not limited to, Emission Allowance, CARB Offset Credit or CARB Sector-Based Offset Credit that can be used to fulfill a GHG emission compliance obligation imposed by the State or federal government.

Examples of GHG Compliance Instrument in a sentence

Transferring GHG Compliance Instruments as required pursuant to a Contract Transaction made in accordance with the Agreement shall be performed in accordance with: (i) the Cap and Trade Program, (ii) the Mandatory Reporting Regulations, or (iii) the rules and procedures adopted by other commonly accepted GHG Compliance Instrument tracking systems or programs, as applicable.

GHG Prices shall be calculated by Buyer based on available market-based quotes for the least-cost combination of allowed GHG Compliance Instruments taking into consideration the allowed percentage of a given GHG Compliance Instrument from a given vintage year as permitted by CARB at the time of calculation to fulfill Seller’s GHG Compliance Obligations with respect to Buyer’s Carbon Dioxide Emissions.

The proposed GHG Compliance Instrument price assumption is reasonable.

Whether PG&E’s request for Memorandum Account treatment for its GHG Compliance Instrument costs is consistent with prior CPUC directives and decisions pertaining to GHG compliance.

Magnolia Power Project GHG Compliance Instrument Operating Procedure 1.