GE Components definition

GE Components means the fuel/air mixer package, the preburner and ------------- other elements (excluding the XONON Module) supplied by GE that have performance acceptable to operate with the XONON Module and equivalent to performance offered by XONON Components.

Examples of GE Components in a sentence

GE Components, including, without limitation, the following: (i) Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) models for analyzing and designing aerodynamic mixers and preburners, flow fields and flow paths to preclude recirculation zones; (ii) performance test data on fuel/air mixers and preburners; (iii) fuel/air mixers and preburner designs; and (iv) technical information, art, knowledge and training to use CCSI Background Technology.

GE shall within forty-five (45) days after the end of ------------------ each quarter year during which royalties are due under this Agreement forward to CCSI a written statement showing the quantities of royalty bearing GE Gas Turbine(s) or GE Components which have been sold (in U.S. dollars) during each quarter year of this Agreement and a computation of royalties payable thereon and shall accompany each statement by payment of the amount due.

If GE sells ------------------------------------------------------------ or leases GE gas turbines incorporating a XONON Module and GE Components, GE shall pay to CCSI the royalty provided in Section 6.2.5.

For purposes of royalty payments hereunder, GE Gas --------------- Turbines or GE Components shall be considered sold when title is transferred to a Third Party, or upon lease execution if leased to a Third Party.

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