Definition of Garage Management Agreement

Garage Management Agreement means that certain Property Management and Leasing Agreement (World Trade Center Garage), dated as of March 23, 2006, entered into between Garage Borrower and Manager, as the same has been and may be amended, modified or supplemented from time to time, pursuant to which Manager is to provide management and other services with respect to the Garage, or, if the context requires, the Replacement Management Agreement.
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Examples of Garage Management Agreement in a sentence

If either Member receives a notice to the Company under any agreement to which the Company is a party or otherwise, including, without limitation, the Hotel Lease, Hotel Sublease, Hotel Management Agreement, Garage Lease, Garage Management Agreement, Office Management Agreement, Office Lease, Financial Agreement and UDAG Loan Documents, such Member shall forward a copy of such notice to the other Member as provided in Section 13.1.A.