Definition of Full Tax Payments

Full Tax Payments means the amounts described in Schedule 1.1 attached hereto. "Increment District" shall mean the tax parcels described on the attached schedule of properties. "Increment Payments" shall mean all amounts payable on all properties in the Increment District, including Real Estate Taxes or in lieu of Real Estate Taxes, but excluding all Special Charges as described in Section 2.1 herein, in excess of the Property Tax Baseline Amounts, 205818 1079742.12 4/21/2009 11:33 AM
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Examples of Full Tax Payments in a sentence

Although the parties hereto acknowledge that the Company shall have all of the rights and remedies of a taxpayer as if and to the same extent as if the Company were the owner of the Company Facilities, based on the agreement to establish a fixed schedule of Full Tax Payments, the Company hereby agrees for the benefit of the parties hereto to not benefit from any grievance it may institute with respect to Real Property Taxes.