Full Cash Alternative definition

Full Cash Alternative means the alternative whereby eligible Cambian Shareholders may elect, subject to having submitted a valid Form of Election, to receive cash instead of the cash and the New CareTech Shares to which they would otherwise be entitled to receive under the Scheme in accordance with the Headline Offer, as described in, and subject to the terms of paragraph 6 of this Announcement

Examples of Full Cash Alternative in a sentence

  • In connection with the financing of the cash consideration payable under the terms of the Transaction (including the cash consideration payable in respect of the Full Cash Alternative) and the refinancing of its existing banking facilities, CareTech has entered into new banking facilities with Lloyds Bank plc and National Westminster Bank Plc as mandated lead arrangers and with Lloyds Bank plc and NatWest Markets plc as bookrunners and underwriters.

  • Cambian Shareholders may elect to receive the Full Cash Alternative in respect of any or all of their Cambian Shares.

  • The Full Cash Alternative values the entire issued and to be issued ordinary share capital of Cambian on a fully diluted basis at approximately £354 million and approximately £271 million on an enterprise value basis.

  • The Full Cash Alternative represents a premium of approximately: (a) 28 per cent.

  • Each Cambian Shareholder will need to determine whether they should accept the Headline Offer or elect for the Full Cash Alternative depending on their own personal circumstances.

  • As an alternative, participants holding options in the LTIP will be offered the opportunity to receive an amount equal to the Full Cash Alternative per vested Cambian Share in respect of 50 per cent.

  • All elections under the Full Cash Alternative will be satisfied in full.

  • Under the terms of the Transaction, Cambian Shareholders will be entitled to receive the consideration pursuant to the Headline Offer or elect to receive the Full Cash Alternative in respect of any or all of their Cambian Shares.

  • The Full Cash Alternative is conditional upon the Scheme becoming Effective.

  • The availability of the Transaction and the New CareTech Shares, to be issued and allotted under the Transaction, to persons who are not resident in, and the distribution of this Announcement to persons who are not resident in, the United Kingdom (including the ability to make valid elections for the Full Cash Alternative) may be affected by the laws of the relevant jurisdiction in which such persons are located.

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  • Share Termination Alternative If applicable, Dealer shall deliver to Counterparty the Share Termination Delivery Property on, or within a commercially reasonable period of time after, the date when the relevant Payment Obligation would otherwise be due pursuant to Section 12.7 or 12.9 of the Equity Definitions or Section 6(d)(ii) and 6(e) of the Agreement, as applicable, in satisfaction of such Payment Obligation in the manner reasonably requested by Counterparty free of payment. Share Termination Delivery Property: A number of Share Termination Delivery Units, as calculated by the Calculation Agent, equal to the Payment Obligation divided by the Share Termination Unit Price. The Calculation Agent shall adjust the Share Termination Delivery Property by replacing any fractional portion of a security therein with an amount of cash equal to the value of such fractional security based on the values used to calculate the Share Termination Unit Price.

  • Alternative The provisions of Paragraph 4 will apply.

  • Solar alternative compliance payment or "SACP" means a

  • alternative fuels means fuels or power sources which serve, at least partly, as a substitute for fossil oil sources in the energy supply to transport and which have the potential to contribute to its decarbonisation and enhance the environmental performance of the transport sector, including:

  • Least restrictive alternative means the treatment and conditions of treatment which, separately and in combination, are no more intrusive or restrictive of freedom than reasonably necessary to achieve a substantial therapeutic benefit to the minor, or to protect the minor or others from physical injury;

  • Alternative program means a voluntary, nondisciplinary monitoring program approved by a nurse licensing board.

  • Alternative living arrangement means a structure in which households live in distinct bedrooms, yet share kitchen and plumbing facilities, central heat and common areas. Alternative living arrangements include, but are not limited to: transitional facilities for the homeless; Class A, B, C, D and E boarding homes as regulated by the State of New Jersey Department of Community Affairs; residential health care facilities as regulated by the New Jersey Department of Health; group homes for the developmentally disabled and mentally ill as licensed and/or regulated by the New Jersey Department of Human Services; and congregate living arrangements.

  • alternative plan means a group RRSP, including the BCTF Plan, which was entered into prior to the coming into force of this Article, and which is still in effect as of that date.

  • Alternative Diesel Fuel means any fuel used in a CI engine that is not commonly or commercially known, sold, or represented by the supplier as diesel fuel No. 1-D or No. 2-D, pursuant to the specifications in ASTM D975-81, “Standard Specification for Diesel Fuel Oils,” as modified in May 1982, which is incorporated herein by reference, or an alternative fuel, and does not require engine or fuel system modifications for the engine to operate, although minor modifications (e.g., recalibration of the engine fuel control) may enhance performance. Examples of alternative diesel fuels include, but are not limited to, biodiesel that does not meet the definition of CARB diesel fuel; Fischer-Tropsch fuels; emulsions of water in diesel fuel; and fuels with a fuel additive, unless:

  • Alternative Restructuring Proposal means any plan, inquiry, proposal, offer, bid, term sheet, discussion, or agreement with respect to a sale, disposition, new-money investment, restructuring, reorganization, merger, amalgamation, acquisition, consolidation, dissolution, debt investment, equity investment, liquidation, asset sale, share issuance, tender offer, recapitalization, plan of reorganization, share exchange, business combination, joint venture or similar transaction involving any one or more Company Parties, or any Affiliates of the Company Parties, or the debt, equity, or other interests in any one or more Company Parties or any Affiliates of the Company Parties, in each case other than the Restructuring Transactions.

  • Alternative fuel means natural gas, propane, ethanol, methanol, gasoline (when used in hybrid electric mobile cargo handling equipment only), hydrogen, electricity, fuel cells, or advanced technologies that do not rely on diesel fuel. "Alternative fuel" also means any of these fuels used in combination with each other or in combination with other non-diesel fuel.

  • Alternative method means any method of sampling and analyzing for an air pollutant that is not a reference or equivalent method but that has been demonstrated to the satisfaction of the commissioner and the U.S. EPA to, in specific cases, produce results adequate for a determination of compliance.

  • Alternative school means an environment established apart from the regular educational program and that includes policies and rules, staff, and resources designed to accommodate student needs and to provide a comprehensive education consistent with the student learning goals and content standards established by the school district or by the school districts participating in a consortium. Students attend by choice.

  • Qualified Settlement Fund or “Settlement Fund” means the interest-bearing, settlement fund account to be established and maintained by the Escrow Agent in accordance with Article 5 herein and referred to as the Qualified Settlement Fund (within the meaning of Treas. Reg. § 1.468B-1).

  • Alternative Investment Vehicle means the limited partnership, limited liability company, or similar legal structure through which a public investment fund invests in an alternative investment.

  • Alternative Stock Exchange means at any time, in the case of the Ordinary Shares, if they are not at that time listed and traded on the ASX, the principal stock exchange or securities market on which the Ordinary Shares are then listed or quoted or dealt in;

  • Alternate Transaction means any transaction structure, other than that contemplated by this Agreement, pursuant to which the REIT, the Operating Partnership or any of their Subsidiaries acquire all or a portion of the interests in the Contributor or the Contributed Assets or the assets held directly or indirectly by the applicable Xxxxxxx Entities in a transaction pursuant to which the Contributor and/or the Nominees receive the amount of cash, the number of OP Units and/or the number of REIT Shares that were to be received by the Contributor and/or the Nominees pursuant to this Agreement (or a portion thereof equal in value to the value of the portion of such assets acquired by the REIT, the Operating Partnership or any of their Subsidiaries pursuant to such Alternate Transaction); provided, that such structure will not (i) result in a breach of the Contributor’s or any applicable Contributed Entity’s governing documents and (ii) would not give rise to dissenters’ or appraisal rights by the members of the Contributor, unless such rights have fully waived by all such members in the Consent Forms.

  • Alternative Payment Mechanism means, with respect to any Qualifying Capital Securities, provisions in the related transaction documents permitting the Corporation, in its sole discretion, or in response to a directive or order from the Federal Reserve, to defer or skip in whole or in part payment of Distributions on such Qualifying Capital Securities for one or more consecutive Distribution Periods up to ten years and requiring the Corporation to issue (or use Commercially Reasonable Efforts to issue) one or more types of APM Qualifying Securities raising eligible proceeds at least equal to the deferred Distributions on such Qualifying Capital Securities and apply the proceeds to pay unpaid Distributions on such Qualifying Capital Securities, commencing on the earlier of (x) the first Distribution Date after commencement of a deferral period on which the Corporation pays current Distributions on such Qualifying Capital Securities and (y) the fifth anniversary of the commencement of such deferral period, and that:

  • Alternative Proposal means any proposal, indication or offer, including any proposal, indication or offer from or to the Company’s shareholders, made by any Person or group (as defined under Rule 13(d) of the Exchange Act) other than Parent or its Subsidiaries and/or Affiliates relating to, whether in a single transaction or series of related transactions, and whether directly or indirectly, any (i) transaction or series of transactions (including any merger, reorganization, share exchange, consolidation, business combination, joint venture, partnership, recapitalization, dissolution, liquidation or similar direct or indirect transaction involving the Company and/or any Subsidiary or Subsidiaries of the Company or the issuance or acquisition of shares of Company Common Stock or other equity securities of the Company whose business or businesses constitute twenty percent (20%) (in number or voting power) or more of the assets, revenues or earnings of the Company and its Subsidiaries, taken as a whole, (ii) acquisition, license or purchase of assets of the Company and/or its Subsidiaries equal to twenty percent (20%) or more of the consolidated assets of the Company and its Subsidiaries or to which twenty percent (20%) or more of the Company’s revenues or earnings on a consolidated basis are attributable or (iii) acquisition of beneficial ownership (as defined under Rule 13(d) of the Exchange Act) of equity interests representing a twenty percent (20%) or greater economic or voting interest in the Company or tender offer (including a self-tender offer) or exchange offer that, if consummated, would result in any Person or group (as defined under Rule 13(d) of the Exchange Act) beneficially owning equity interests representing a twenty percent (20%) (in number or voting power) or greater economic or voting interest in the Company.

  • External beam radiation therapy means therapeutic irradiation in which the source of radiation is at a distance from the body.

  • Qualifying Public Offering means a firm commitment underwritten public offering of Stock for cash where the shares of Stock registered under the Securities Act are listed on a national securities exchange.

  • Automotive hard paste wax means an automotive wax or polish which is:

  • Approved Source means Cisco or a Cisco authorized reseller, distributor or systems integrator.

  • alternative maximum council tax reduction means the amount determined in accordance with paragraph 31 and Schedule 4;

  • Control drive mechanism means a device that enables the source assembly to be moved into and out of the exposure device.

  • the Scottish Infected Blood Support Scheme means the scheme of that name administered by the Common Services Agency (constituted under section 10 of the National Health Service (Scotland) Act 1978(b));