Definition of FSELLC Operating Agreement

FSELLC Operating Agreement means the Second Amended and Restated Operating Agreement of FSELLC, as amended from time to time.

Examples of FSELLC Operating Agreement in a sentence

Except as set forth in Section 8.4 (Budget) of the FSELLC Operating Agreement or as required by applicable Law, GNELLC is not obligated to make any additional capital contributions in FSELLC.
Except for the FSELLC Operating Agreement, GNELLC has not entered into or consummated any Contract for the purchase or sale of voting and/or non-voting units of FSELLC or with respect to the voting of the FSELLC Interest.
Except for its ownership of the FSELLC Interest, GNELLC does not own directly or indirectly, of record or beneficially, or except, with respect to voting and non-voting units of FSELLC pursuant to Section 4.1(c) (Preemptive Rights) and Section 8.4 (Budget) of the FSELLC Operating Agreement, have the right to acquire under any Contract, any capital stock or equity interests or any securities convertible, exchangeable, redeemable or exercisable into capital stock or equity interests in any other Person.