Definition of Frontier Pipeline

Frontier Pipeline means the approximately 289 mile pipeline system for the shipment of crude oil from Casper, WY to Frontier Station, UT.
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Examples of Frontier Pipeline in a sentence

We also hold an approximate 78 percent interest in Frontier Pipeline Company ("Frontier"), which is included in our Consolidated Statements of Financial Position.
The Company holds a 77.78% interest in Frontier Pipeline Company ("Frontier") and consolidates its financial results.
The Frontier System is owned by Frontier Pipeline Company, a Wyoming general partnership owned 77.8% by the Issuer.
ECI, a subcontractor to prime contractor, Frontier Pipeline, LLC ("Frontier") on a sewer pipeline project, entered into a sub-subcontract {tOO "SHb--subGentras-t") with BBkllffi ffi drive sheetpiling at tlw prej-eGt Add,J;).
To the exent the Operating Company Services Agreement entered into as of the date hereof by and among Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Inc., a Delaware corporation, Western Frontier Pipeline Company, L.L.C., a Delaware limited liability company, and the Service Provider, is terminated pursuant to Section 3 thereof, this Agreement shall terminate at the time such agreement is terminated.