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From Medron Pryde. He's called the Warriors of the Dropship to Alphard." Pyro nodded. "Alphard, eh?" Pyro shook his head as Isis's use of the word "bosom allies" rang through his brain, half-recalled from some long-forgotten discussion last time he was on Marik, seeming like another lifetime ago. "Thanks, Pyro out." Pyro punched a few more buttons on the communicator. "Mrs. Solu, plot a hyperspace jump for Alphard. Jump as soon as possible, and try to hit the right nation this time." Again, Pyro closed the link and keyed in Engineering. "Mrs. MacArthur, give me full power to the KF(c) drive again." Her voice squawked back across the radio, barely improved from 20th century 2-way radios. "I just canna keep pushing the hardware like this, Precentor. She'll fly apart!" "Fly her apart then, I need full power as soon as safely possible." "Aye." BBjr looked at Pyro curiously. "What's going on?" Pyro smiled. "The Warriors of the Dropship are assembling at Alphard. We're going to meet with them as soon as the drive finishes charging." BBjr nodded. "Seriously? There's still a WoTD to assemble? Incredible! But what about our 'Mechs? We didn't exactly bring them with us."

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