Definition of Foreign Subsidiary Guarantors

Foreign Subsidiary Guarantors means the UK Guarantors, the German Guarantors, the Italian Guarantors, the Canadian Guarantors, the Singapore Guarantors and any other Foreign Subsidiary that becomes a Foreign Subsidiary Guarantor pursuant to Section 9.11.
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Foreign Subsidiary Guarantors means, the Foreign Subsidiary Borrowers (other than the German Subsidiary Borrower), Jacinto Mexico, S.A. de C.V. and Pliant de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.
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Examples of Foreign Subsidiary Guarantors in a sentence

Except as permitted upon the termination of such Foreign Subsidiary Guarantors parent as a Foreign Subsidiary Borrower, any guarantor of the Obligations shall terminate or revoke any of its obligations under the Domestic Subsidiary Guaranty or the Foreign Subsidiary Guaranty.
The Foreign Subsidiary Guarantors will derive substantial benefits from the extensions of credit to the Foreign Borrowers and each of the Foreign Borrowers will derive substantial benefits from the extensions of credit to the other Foreign Borrower, in each case pursuant to the Credit Agreement.
The Foreign Subsidiary Guarantors are affiliates of the Foreign Borrowers and each Foreign Borrower is an affiliate of the other Foreign Borrower.
Section 4.13 of the Foreign Guaranty provides that additional Foreign Subsidiaries of the US Borrower may become Foreign Subsidiary Guarantors under the Foreign Guaranty by execution and delivery of an instrument in the form of this Supplement.
Pursuant to certain guaranty and security agreements, each of the Foreign Subsidiary Guarantors guaranteed and secured each others' Prepetition Foreign Subsidiary Obligations to the Prepetition Foreign Lenders.