Foreign film definition

Foreign film means a film which is not a British film *a-New
Foreign film means a foreign film as defmed in Part II of this
Foreign film means a film which is not a British film or a New

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Foreign film producers, seeking permission for shooting a documentary film to be shown/telecast outside India, are required to approach the External Publicity Division of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) for obtaining clearance for shooting in India (at the specified locations).

IntroductionStudies of stereoacuity performance have been used as an effective probe to investigate the processing and repre- sentation of disparity information in the visual system.

Bourgignon’s debut feature, Sundays and Cybele (1962) won the Oscar for Best Foreign film.

Foreign film producers, seeking permission for shooting a feature film to be shown/telecast outside India, are required to approach the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting for obtaining their clearance for shooting in India (at the specified locations).

Foreign film manufacturers cannot replicate these relationships or provide comparable services in an economically viable manner.

Foreign film distribution in the US was originally handled by dozens of small independent outfit.

Ego carnalis sum, totus caro, totaliter peccator, the “simul,” and the like are vital but rhetorically-charged phrases that stand in need of careful interpretation.

If FTA determines that the project would not ϴ̦͋δϵ properties protected by Section 4(f), there iš̓ ̌δδΰ ̰̓ ϳ̦̦͋δ Θ̌ ̓ξξϳΦϳΘ̅ ϴ̌̓ ̦͋δϵ ΰδ̰δ̢̋ϳ̌Θ̰ϳ̓̌Ϯ This determination could be documented in the Administrative Record, and generally should be documented in the environmental document where appropriate.

This was in large part due to the cultural capital that was placed in foreign films and decidedly missing from exploitation.18 Foreign film would eventually become to be considered “high” art while exploitation would remain “low” or “trash,” in context with both the foreign and Hollywood industries.

Foreign film shall be translated with Swedish subtitles i.e. for the standard service.

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Foreign film means a film not being a film produced locally;
Foreign film means a Feature Film for which Licensor unilaterally controls without restriction all Necessary Rights which Licensor makes available for license hereunder that is theatrically released outside the U.S. and not theatrically released in the U.S.
Foreign film means a film not produced in Pakistan;

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Foreign Air Carrier means any air carrier which is not a U.S. Air Carrier and which performs maintenance, preventative maintenance and inspections for the Aircraft, Airframe and/or any Engine or engine to standards which are approved by, or which are substantially equivalent to those required by, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Civil Aviation Authority of the United Kingdom, the Direction Generale de l'Aviation Civile of the French Republic, the Luftfahrt Bundesamt of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Rijflauchtraatdienst of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Ministry of Transportation of Japan or the Federal Ministry of Transport of Canada (and any agency or instrumentality of the applicable government succeeding to the functions of any of the foregoing entities).
Foreign Assets means any of the Portfolios' investments (including foreign currencies) for which the primary market is outside the United States and such cash and cash equivalents as are reasonably necessary to effect the Portfolios' transactions in such investments.
Foreign Intellectual Property any right, title or interest in or to any copyrights, copyright licenses, patents, patent applications, patent licenses, trade secrets, trade secret licenses, trademarks, service marks, trademark and service mark applications, trade names, trade dress, trademark licenses, technology, know-how and processes or any other intellectual property governed by or arising or existing under, pursuant to or by virtue of the laws of any jurisdiction other than the United States of America or any state thereof.
foreign national means the following:
foreign vessel means any vessel other than a coastal vessel.
Foreign firm means a business entity owned or controlled by one or more foreign nationals or a business entity in which more than 50 percent of the stock is owned or controlled by one or more foreign nationals.
Foreign Asset Sale shall have the meaning provided in Section 5.2(i).
Foreigner means a person who is not a citizen of the Republic of South Africa as defined in the South African Citizenship Act, Act Number 88 of 1995, as amended, which Act is available on the Website;
Foreign Investment means any investment made by a person resident outside India on a repatriable basis in capital instruments of an Indian company or to the capital of an LLP;
Foreign Securities System means an Eligible Securities Depository listed on Schedule B hereto.
Foreign with respect to an entity, means an entity governed as to its internal affairs by the law of a jurisdiction other than this state.
Foreign Investor ' means any physical person of foreign nationality or any judicial person registered outside Eritrea, who or which respectively, has invested foreign capital and goods and equipment in Eritrea and may include Eritrean national residing abroad, foreign governments, non-Eritrean organizations;
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act None of the Company and its Subsidiaries or, to the Company’s knowledge, any director, officer, agent, employee or affiliate of the Company and its Subsidiaries or any other person acting on behalf of the Company and its Subsidiaries, has, directly or indirectly, given or agreed to give any money, gift or similar benefit (other than legal price concessions to customers in the ordinary course of business) to any customer, supplier, employee or agent of a customer or supplier, or official or employee of any governmental agency or instrumentality of any government (domestic or foreign) or any political party or candidate for office (domestic or foreign) or other person who was, is, or may be in a position to help or hinder the business of the Company (or assist it in connection with any actual or proposed transaction) that (i) might subject the Company to any damage or penalty in any civil, criminal or governmental litigation or proceeding, (ii) if not given in the past, might have had a Material Adverse Change or (iii) if not continued in the future, might adversely affect the assets, business, operations or prospects of the Company. The Company has taken reasonable steps to ensure that its accounting controls and procedures are sufficient to cause the Company to comply in all material respects with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977, as amended.
Foreign Asset Control Regulations has the meaning set forth in Section 10.18.
Foreign country means a country, including a political subdivision thereof, other than the United States, that authorizes the issuance of support orders and:
United States Tax Person A citizen or resident of the United States, a corporation, partnership or other entity created or organized in, or under the laws of, the United States, any State thereof or the District of Columbia, an estate whose income from sources without the United States is includible in gross income for United States federal income tax purposes regardless of its source or a trust if a court within the United States is able to exercise primary supervision over the administration of the trust and one or more United States Tax Persons have the authority to control all substantial decisions of the trust, all within the meaning of Section 7701(a)(30) of the Code (or, to the extent provided in the applicable Treasury Regulations, certain trusts in existence on August 20, 1996 that have elected to be treated as United States Tax Persons).
Foreign government means any jurisdiction other than the one embraced within the United States, its territories, and its possessions.
foreign matter means any substance or matter, other than a whole Cocoa bean or
foreign fishing vessel means any fishing vessel other than a local fishing vessel;
Foreign-going vessel means any vessel other than coastal vessel.
foreign ship means a ship that is not an Australian ship. (2) Except in so far as the contrary intention appears, an expression that is used in this Division and in the Prevention of Pollution from Ships Convention, including Annex I but not including any other Annex to that Convention, (whether or not a particular meaning is assigned to it by that Convention) has, in this Division, the same meaning as in that Convention. (3) For the purposes of this Division, a ship shall not be taken to comply with the provisions of Annex I if it does not comply with the regulations and orders referred to in section 90B.90B. Regulations to give effect to Regulations 13 to 19 (inclusive) of Annex I
Foreign Antitrust Laws has the meaning set forth in Section 3.03(c).
Foreign Issuer shall have the meaning ascribed thereto in Regulation S. Without limiting the foregoing, but for greater clarity, it includes any issuer which is a corporation or other organization incorporated or organized under the laws of any country other than the United States, except an issuer meeting the following conditions as of the last business day of its most recently completed second fiscal quarter: (1) more than 50 percent of the outstanding voting securities of such issuer are owned of record either directly or indirectly by residents of the United States; and (2) any of the following: (i) the majority of the executive officers or directors are United States citizens or residents, (ii) more than 50 percent of the assets of the issuer are located in the United States, or (iii) the business of the issuer is administered principally in the United States;
Foreign vehicle means every vehicle of a type required to be registered hereunder brought into this state from another state, territory, or country other than in the ordinary course of business by or through a manufacturer or dealer and not registered in this state.
Foreign Financial Regulatory Authority shall have the meaning given by Section 2(a)(50) of the 1940 Act.
Foreign Assets Control Regulations has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 3.19.