Definition of FI Merger

FI Merger means the cross-border statutory merger pursuant to which FI (as disappearing entity) has merged into the company (as acquiring entity);

Examples of FI Merger in a sentence

FI shall use reasonable best efforts to cooperate with RE&Y in order to obtain a favorable report on the FI Merger Consideration and, in the event that RE&Y provides, or indicates an intention to provide, an unfavorable report, work in good faith with RE&Y to seek to address the auditors' concerns with a view to obtaining a favorable report for a period of at least thirty (30) days unless RE&Y has advised the parties finally that it will be unable to provide a favorable report.
The obligations of FI and FNH to effect the FI Merger and the FNH Merger, respectively, are subject to the satisfaction or waiver (in writing) prior to the Closing Date of the following conditions.
The amount of cash, if any, to be paid (i) to the holders of Rescission Shares in connection with the FI Merger and/or (ii) to any creditors of FI pursuant to any creditor opposition rights proceeding against FI under Italian Law, shall not exceed in the aggregate Euro 325 million.
The parties shall make all filings and recordings required by Dutch Law and Italian Law in connection with the Mergers, including the filing of the FI Deed of Merger and the CNH Deed of Merger with the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce and, in the case of the FI Merger, the Turin Chamber of Commerce, as required in accordance with applicable law as promptly as practicable following the effectiveness of each of the Mergers.
Subject to the provisions of this Agreement, at the Closing, the parties shall execute: (i) a deed of cross-border merger with respect to the FI Merger (the "FI Deed of Merger"); and (ii) a deed of merger with respect to the CNH Merger (the "CNH Deed of Merger" and, together with the FI Deed of Merger, the "Deeds of Merger").