Definition of FG Development Program

FG Development Program means those activities by or on behalf of FG directly related to the development and commercialization of Lead Compounds for applications within the Field in the FG Territory that are directly useful or necessary for Commercialization in the Astellas Territory.

Examples of FG Development Program in a sentence

FG shall, subject to Section 4.2.2, provide reasonable assistance to Astellas regarding Astellas’ performance of its development activities within the scope of the Development Program hereunder and provide updates to Astellas as to the FG Development Program.
FG shall provide to Astellas regular reports with respect to the FG Development Program with respect to the Lead Compounds.
Each of Astellas and FG shall use best efforts to maintain (or cause such records to be maintained) records of the Development Program and FG Development Program, respectively, in sufficient detail and in good scientific manner as will properly reflect all work done and results achieved in the performance of the Development Program or FG Development Program, as the case may be.
Not less than [ * ] prior to each JDC meeting under Section 2.3 above, each of Astellas and FG shall provide the JDC with a written report in English; Astellas’ report summarizing the progress of the Development Program, including the developmental, clinical and other activities performed by Astellas, its Affiliates and/or Sublicensees with respect to each Lead Compound during the preceding period; and FG’s report summarizing the progress of the FG Development Program.