Feller definition

Feller s identification code” means an identification code registered in respect of a feller under regulation 26;
Feller or “faller” means a person who cuts a tree from its stump.
Feller. (faller) means an employee who fells trees.

Examples of Feller in a sentence

  • Feller, An Introduction to Probability Theory and its Applications, Vol.

  • The call will be hosted by David Feller, Founder and CEO, and Greg Feller, President and CFO.

  • Notices given pursuant to any provision of this Agreement shall be addressed as follows: (i) if to the Company, to Harriet Burns Feller, Esq.

  • For additional background on the concept of non-refoulement and its development in international human rights law, see Elihu Lauterpacht and Daniel Bethlehem, The Scope and Content of the Principle of Non-refoulement, in REFUGEE PROTECTION IN INTERNATIONAL LAW: UNHCR’S GLOBAL CONSULTATIONS ON INTERNATIONAL PROTECTION 78-177 ( Erika Feller, Volker Türk and Frances Nicholson eds., 2003).

  • On May 30 2014, Feller Rate affirmed the ratings on CorpBanca following the announcement of the merger agreement with Itaú Chile.

  • These excavators may be Feller Buncher carriages with a bucket and hydraulic thumb or clamshell bucket replacing the saw, or tracked carriages equipped with a dozer type blade that may have had other modifications to allow the machine to work on steep grades.

  • Mr. Feller is passionate about using technology and design to deliver innovative digital solutions that help consumers improve their financial health.

  • Feller et al., eds., 2003) (emphasizing the role of family unity and the dangers resulting from its disruption); Guy S.

  • Kamm, P.E. Mechanical Engineer VacantRepresentative Disabled Community Mr. Sergio PellecerFire Service Professional 2020 Alternate Board MembersMr. Jeff Falkanger ArchitectMr. Steven Feller, P.E. Mechanical Engineer Mr. Alberto Fernandez, General Contractor Mr. Robert TaylorFire ServiceMr. Gary Elzweig, P.E., F.ASCE Structural EngineerMr. David Rice, P.E. Electrical Engineer Mr. James Terry, Master PlumberMr. David Tringo, Master Electrician Mr. William Flett, Roofing Contractor Board AttorneyCharles M.

  • Ben Feller, “Bush Seeks to Contain Violent Conflict in Georgia,” Associated Press, August 10, 2008.

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