Federal Constitution definition

Federal Constitution means this Constitution
Federal Constitution means the Constitution of Malaysia and does not include the Constitution of the States;
Federal Constitution means the Federal Constitution of Brazil.

Examples of Federal Constitution in a sentence

  • There shall be deducted amounts included in such income that the state is prohibited from taxing because of the provisions of the Federal Constitution, the State Constitution, federal laws or laws of Oklahoma.

  • The Federal Constitution may be totally or partially revised at any time.

  • Unless the Federal Constitution and the legislation based on it provides otherwise, any revision of the Federal Constitution is made by the legislative process.

  • A mineral produced in Illinois, but shipped out of Illinois by the seller for use outside Illinois, will generally be tax exempt under the Commerce Clause of the Federal Constitution (i.e., as a sale in interstate commerce).

  • Any divergence from the principle of economic freedom, and in particular measures designed to restrain competition, shall be permitted only if they are pro- vided for in the Federal Constitution or based on cantonal monopoly rights.

  • In reaching its decision, the competent cantonal authority must assume that expulsion to a state deemed safe by the Federal Council in accordance with Article 6 a paragraph 2 of the Asylum Act of 26 June 1998 does not violate Article 25 paragraphs 2 and 3 of the Federal Constitution.

  • Council Members retain all their rights to freedom of speech granted them under the Federal Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

  • This treatment shall be afforded with respect to: (1) the laws of arrest with or without warrants, arrest for misdemeanors and arrest for felonies, the elements of probable cause, and the disposition of persons after lawfully arrested; (2) the law applicable to criminal interrogation and resultant confessions under the 5th, 6th, and 14th Amendments of the Federal Constitution and; (3) the application of constitutional safeguards to electronic surveillance, chemical, and serological evidence.

  • The power to create and collect taxes ("tributos") is shared among the federal government, states, the Federal District, and municipalities, and is defined and regulated by the Federal Constitution, the Brazilian Tax Code, and several other statutes.

  • In such a case, the Senate will pronounce a resolution based on the Federal Constitution and the constitution of the state in question.

More Definitions of Federal Constitution

Federal Constitution means the Constitution of the Federation and includes the Malaysia Act of the Federation;

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