Definition of FCA Point

FCA Point means QUALCOMM's San Diego manufacturing facility or such other QUALCOMM facility as QUALCOMM may notify Buyer from time to time.

Examples of FCA Point in a sentence

Payment terms for out-of-warranty repairs are twenty five percent (25%) of the estimated repair price due prior to QUALCOMM's issuance of an RMA number and Customer's shipment of the part(s), and seventy five percent (75%) of the actual repair price due within thirty (30) days after QUALCOMM's delivery to the FCA Point (i.e., QUALCOMM's dock).
Customer shall inspect and either accept or reject Product(s) within sixty (60) days after the date of delivery to the FCA Point.
All title and risk of loss or damage shall pass from Amkor to TI upon Anam's delivery to the FCA Point, provided Anam has shipped the TI Products in accordance with TI's reasonable routing and "ship to" instructions and any other packing and shipping instructions.
TI shall be responsible for all shipping, handling and insurance costs from the FCA Point to the destination of the shipment.
The Additional Warranted Phones shall include a ninety (90) day warranty period following QUALCOMM's delivery to the FCA Point.