Definition of Facility A-1 Commitment

Facility A-1 Commitment means, as to each Facility A-1 Lender, the obligation of such Lender, if any, to make Facility A-1 Loans and participate in Swing Line Loans or Letters of Credit made under the Facility A-1 Commitments in an aggregate principal and/or face amount not to exceed the amount set forth under the heading "Facility A-1 Commitment" opposite such Facility A-1 Lender's name on Schedule 1 or in the Assignment and Acceptance pursuant to which such Facility A-1 Lender became a party hereto, as the same may be changed from time to time pursuant to the terms hereof. The original amount of the Facility A-1 Commitments is $1,020,000,000.
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Examples of Facility A-1 Commitment in a sentence

Facility A1 Commitment means, in relation to ourselves in our capacity as a Facility A1 Lender, Eur [ ] (or such lower amount as notified by KDG to ourselves and the Facility Agent prior to the A1 Effective Date).