Exhibit E – UK Addendum definition

Exhibit E – UK Addendum. (in this Exhibit E also referred to as "Addendum")‌ As stipulated in Section 16.1 of this Data Processing Agreement, this UK Addendum shall apply to any processing of Customer Personal Data subject to the UK GDPR.

Related to Exhibit E – UK Addendum

  • Agreement has the meaning set forth in the preamble.

  • Documentation means SAP's then-current technical and functional documentation as well as any roles and responsibilities descriptions, if applicable, for the Cloud Service which is made available to Customer with the Cloud Service.

  • Effective Date means the date on which the conditions specified in Section 4.01 are satisfied (or waived in accordance with Section 9.02).

  • Guarantee means a guarantee (other than by endorsement of negotiable instruments for collection in the ordinary course of business), direct or indirect, in any manner (including letters of credit and reimbursement agreements in respect thereof), of all or any part of any Indebtedness or other obligations.

  • Specifications means the Specifications of the Works included in the Contract and any modification or addition made or approved by the Project Manager.

  • Facility means the entire operation located on the property where the Equipment is located;

  • Commencement Date means the date of this Agreement.

  • Closing Date means the date of this Agreement.

  • Site means the place or places where the permanent Works are to be carried out including workshops where the same is being prepared.

  • Contract Price means the price payable to the supplier under the contract for the full and proper performance of his contractual obligations.

  • Termination Date The scheduled Agreement “termination date” shall be the last day of the month of the month of the Original Solicitation’s Anticipated Award Date plus three years. Example: If the original term is approximately three years, and the solicitation provides an anticipated award date of May 22, 2020, the expiration date of the original three-year term shall be May 31, 2023. Extensions: Any extensions of the original term shall begin on the next day after the day the original term expires. Example Following the Previous Example: If TIPS offers a one-year extension, the expiration of the extended term shall be May 31, 2024. TIPS may offer to extend Vendor Agreements to the fullest extent the original Solicitation permits.

  • Parties has the meaning set forth in the Preamble.

  • Month means calendar month.

  • Maturity Date With respect to any Mortgage Loan, Whole Loan or Companion Loan, as of any date of determination, the date on which the last payment of principal is due and payable under the related Mortgage Note, after taking into account all Principal Prepayments received prior to such date of determination, but without giving effect to (i) any acceleration of the principal of such Mortgage Loan, Whole Loan or Companion Loan by reason of default thereunder or (ii) any Grace Period permitted by the related Mortgage Note.

  • Project means specific activities of the Grantee that are supported by funds provided under this Contract.

  • Subsidiary means a “subsidiary corporation,” whether now or hereafter existing, as defined in Section 424(f) of the Code.

  • Loan means an extension of credit by a Lender to the Borrower under Article II in the form of a Committed Loan or a Swing Line Loan.

  • Day Count Fraction means, in respect of the calculation of an amount of interest on any Note for any period of time (from and including the first day of such period to but excluding the last) (whether or not constituting an Interest Period or an Interest Accrual Period, the “Calculation Period”):

  • Intellectual Property the collective reference to all rights, priorities and privileges relating to intellectual property, whether arising under United States, multinational or foreign laws or otherwise, including copyrights, copyright licenses, patents, patent licenses, trademarks, trademark licenses, technology, know-how and processes, and all rights to sue at law or in equity for any infringement or other impairment thereof, including the right to receive all proceeds and damages therefrom.

  • Subcontractor means any supplier, distributor, vendor, or firm that furnishes supplies or services to or for a prime contractor or another subcontractor.

  • Event of Default wherever used herein, means any one of the following events (whatever the reason for such Event of Default and whether it shall be voluntary or involuntary or be effected by operation of law or pursuant to any judgment, decree or order of any court or any order, rule or regulation of any administrative or governmental body):

  • Software means any and all (a) computer programs, including any and all software implementation of algorithms, models and methodologies, whether in source code, object code, human readable form or other form, (b) databases and compilations, including any and all data and collections of data, whether machine readable or otherwise, (c) descriptions, flow charts and other work products used to design, plan, organize and develop any of the foregoing, (d) screens, user interfaces, report formats, firmware, development tools, templates, menus, buttons and icons and (e) documentation, including user manuals and other training documentation, relating to any of the foregoing.

  • Interest Period means the period beginning on (and including) the Interest Commencement Date and ending on (but excluding) the first Interest Payment Date and each successive period beginning on (and including) an Interest Payment Date and ending on (but excluding) the next succeeding Interest Payment Date.

  • Note means a promissory note made by the Borrower in favor of a Lender evidencing Loans made by such Lender, substantially in the form of Exhibit C.

  • Interest Payment Date when used with respect to any Security, means the Stated Maturity of an installment of interest on such Security.

  • Fiscal Year means the fiscal year of the Company.