Definition of Excluded Customers

Excluded Customers means Ocwen Financial Corporation, Home Loan Servicing Solutions, Ltd., New Residential Investment Corp., Altisource Residential Corporation, Altisource Asset Management Corporation, ASPS (as defined in the Plan) and/or any entity that is or was at one time one of their respective Subsidiaries or Affiliates; provided that the Administrator shall have the authority to amend the definition of “Excluded Customers” from time to time in its sole discretion.

Excluded Customers means those customers set forth on Attachment #3 hereto. GCT may in its sole discretion modify Attachment #3 upon sixty (60) days written notice to DISTRIBUTOR.

Excluded Customers means (a) those Customers who the Joint Implementation Committee agrees shall be excluded from the Businesses in accordance with Part B of Schedule 23 and (b) any Customers for whom the Best Branch is sort code 161926 (Farnborough branch including Holts);

Examples of Excluded Customers in a sentence

Notwithstanding SECTION 1.1, Distributor does not appoint Subdistributor as its provider of the Services for the Excluded Customers.
Except as otherwise directed by Distributor, Subdistributor shall not engage in sales and marketing activities or otherwise solicit orders from Excluded Customers and shall promptly refer to the Distributor any sales leads it receives or becomes aware of relating to an Excluded Customer.
Product orders shall be allocated between RBT and Excluded Customers in accordance with the terms designated on Exhibit B.
Within thirty (30) days following the end of each fiscal quarter of Buyer that ends during the Earn-Out Payment Measurement Period (each a “Buyer Quarter”), Buyer will prepare or cause to be prepared and deliver to Seller an unaudited statement (the “Interim Earn-Out Payment Statements”) showing Buyer’s calculation of Earn-Out Payment Revenue for the applicable Buyer Quarter and a list of those customers whom Buyer has identified as Excluded Customers.
Customers: all customers or clients of the Target Businesses (including, without limitation, all registered investment advisors, third party administrators, other advisors, plan sponsors and all underlying customers and retail customers of such persons), other than Excluded Customers.

More definitions of Excluded Customers

Excluded Customers means, as at 9 August 2004, all and any customer or customers of the Vendor’s Group having offices within or being provided with products or services within, the Prohibited Area and for the avoidance of doubt the Vendor’s Group includes PSINet Europe

Excluded Customers means Archer Daniels Midland Company and Treasure Valley Renewable Resources, LLC.

Excluded Customers means all customers of Seller and/or any Applicable Seller Subsidiary that, as of the date hereof (a) are 60 days or more past due from the invoice date or (b) have credit balances.

Excluded Customers means and be limited to those specific entities listed on Exhibit C hereto and any other entity located in the Domestic Territory that: i) sells exclusively to individual consumers for their personal use; and ii) is not an On-Line Seller (as hereinafter defined).

Excluded Customers means the customers and potential customers set forth on Schedule 1.01(e).