Definition of Excluded Companies

Excluded Companies means collectively, Mega Smart (Shenzhen) Limited with share transfer price of US$23,735,762.35, Mega Sky (Shenzhen) Limited with share transfer price of US$26,351,371.22 and Comtech Innovative Communication Technologies (Shenzhen) Limited with share transfer price of US$300,000; further particulars of each of which is set out in Schedule 1, Part C;

Excluded Companies means Sheraton Corner Enterprises, a Nevada corporation and Rimtech Marketing Incorporated, a Nevada corporation.

Excluded Companies means ***.

Examples of Excluded Companies in a sentence

Excluded Companies means Henry Resources LLC, a Texas limited liability company, and Henry Equity LLC, a Texas limited liability company.
At or prior to Closing, Holding and Energy intend to make a direct or indirect distribution of the Excluded Companies to the Sellers containing certain properties which are either presently owned by the Excluded Companies or which will be contributed to the Excluded Companies immediately before the distribution of the Excluded Companies.
Collectively and separately, Holding, Energy, Aguasal, HELP, Henry Capital, Henry Operating, Henry Petroleum, Quail Ranch, Aguasal Management and Aguasal LP and any and all Subsidiaries of those entities other than the Excluded Companies.
For the purposes of this Agreement, "Excluded Companies" shall include, but not be limited to, Ticketmaster, Inc., Ticketmaster Online Citysearch, Inc., USA Networks, Lycos, ETM, Advantix, Inc., TicketStop, LaserGate, Schubert, Nederlander, Paciolan, BASS, Protix, TicketsLive, Fantastix, CultureFinder, Capital Tickets, Dillards, TicketWeb, Bill Graham Presents, Center State, TicketWeb, and SFX.
The Company will not be required to compensate MCF for any potential Acquisition Transactions listed in Appendix C (Excluded Companies).

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Excluded Companies means MVHM and MVH.

Excluded Companies means Rodic S.A. de C.V. (Mexico) and Index Manufacturing Co., Inc. (USA);