Excessively worn definition

Excessively worn means worn close to or beyond serviceable limits, condition likely to result in a failure if replacement of the affected parts is not made before the next scheduled inspection.

Examples of Excessively worn in a sentence

  • Excessively worn, tattered or dirty clothing will not be permitted.

  • Excessively worn tires are also more suscep- tible to penetrations.DO CHECK YOUR TIRES FOR DAMAGEFrequent (at least monthly) inspection of your tires for signs of damage and their general condition is impor- tant for safety.

  • Excessively worn (>10% of the original orifice) tips are not permitted.

  • Excessively worn or leaking pumps can result in low fuel injection pressures and incomplete combustion.

  • Excessively worn, torn or ripped clothing is unacceptable, as are pants that excessively baggy and/or drag the floor.

  • Excessively worn, torn, frayed, over-sized or long clothing is not permitted.

  • Excessively worn or stained articles will be replaced, as deemed necessary by the District, by the uniform provider.

  • Travel steering, braking, and locking devices, for malfunc­tion.(j) Excessively worn or damaged tires.(4) Cranes not in regular use.

  • Excessively worn T- shirts, halter tops, exposed midriffs, strapless tops, low-cut tops, exposed backs, spaghetti straps, see-through clothing, and tanks with oversized armholes are not permitted.

  • Excessively worn tires, damaged exhaust system, or any other damaged vehicle part that would render the vehicle unsafe until repaired/replaced.

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