Environmental Sanitation Services definition

Environmental Sanitation Services means the collection, treatment, recycling or disposal of Solid, Liquid, Health care and Hazardous Waste, the cleansing of streets, drains, markets, lorry parks, public parks and open spaces and the management of public baths and toilets

Examples of Environmental Sanitation Services in a sentence

All licensed providers of Environmental Sanitation Services shall at all times allow access to the Assembly’s staff or designated agents to their premises, equipment or records relating to the Services licensed.

All licensed providers of Environmental Sanitation Services shall cause their vehicles, plant and equipment to be inspected annually for appropriateness and suitability and certified by an authorising officer of the Assembly.

The Assembly shall license any person or body wishing to provide Environmental Sanitation Services who applies to the Assembly for a license and fulfils to the Assembly’s satisfaction the requirements for the license to be issued.

The Assembly shall record the names of all licensed providers of Environmental Sanitation Services in a register kept for that purpose.

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