Definition of engineering, construction, design, operation and maintenance

engineering, construction, design, operation and maintenance means services needed to develop, maintain and operate electric utility infrastructure. These services include any service that an engineer would perform associated with the operation of an electric utility’s capital assets such as generation, transmission and distribution facilities. It includes building (constructing) the assets; engineering oversight of building (construction). It includes designing the assets (engineering sketches, drafts, blue prints, specifications, selecting manufacturers and parts to acquire to construct the asset, selecting and contracting with contractors). It includes operating the assets, i.e., the day-to-day tasks - 42 - associated with generating electricity (acquiring fuel, meeting regulatory and ISO requirements to schedule the use of the assets, running the generation facility); day-to-day tasks associated with running the distribution system and delivering energy to retail and wholesale customers consistent with applicable legal and physical requirements. It includes maintaining the assets (scheduled maintenance activities such as those recommended by the manufacturers of parts, those required by prudent utility practice or prudent industry practice, those required by regulatory authorities or reliability organizations; unscheduled maintenance such as activities required by damage to the assets by third parties, force majeure events or other persons or forces; repairs to the assets).