Engineered Products Division definition

Engineered Products Division means those standard business units of the Borrower and the other Grantors classified as "Engineered Products Division" on the Borrower's perpetual inventory records.
Engineered Products Division means the division of the Debtorsbusiness that manufactures and sells specialty engineered yarns and woven fabrics for use in making high-pressure hoses and other industrial products.

Examples of Engineered Products Division in a sentence

  • The Debtors pursuant to one or more Final Orders pursuant to section 363 of the Bankruptcy Code shall have consummated the sale of the Engineered Products Division.

  • All alternatives other than the no-action alternative (Alternatives A, B, C, D and E) are expected to be in compliance with ARARs. These alternatives all involve remediation activities and are expected to comply with Michigan Act 451 Part 201 (Environmental Response).

  • That the purchaser Engineered Products Division of Stackpole Limited, prior to closing, enter into a Site Plan Agreement with City of Hamilton with all terms and conditions to the satisfaction of the General Manager of Planning and Development.

  • The release reported operating losses in the Engineered Products Division of $1.2 million and losses in the Chemical Products Division of $16.4 million.

  • The release also stated that Goodyear’s Chemical Products Division reported an operating income of $16.4 million and that its Engineered Products Division reported an operating income of $9.5 million.

  • The following change to the municipal code is recommended: Matter [bracketed] deleted.Matter underlined added.

  • The Court first must determine whether the substantive law of the District of Columbia or Pennsylvania applies to this case.

  • Lanier, Jr., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dan River, said, "The acquisition of Bibb permits us to continue expanding our home fashions business and allows us to further diversify our operations with the addition of Bibb's Engineered Products Division.

  • The OEM segment is composed of the Industrial Products Division (IPD), Engineered Products Division (EPD), and Jiangsu Mueller–Xingrong Copper Industries Limited (Mueller-Xingrong), the Company’s Chinese joint venture.

  • They attributed another $13.1 million of the Restatement to the failure of the ERP system to properly depreciate fixed assets and to remove from the fixed assets account the carrying value of assets that had been disposed of, and another $21.3 million of the Restatement to the failure of the ERP to properly account for inter-company transactions related to the Engineered Products Division (“EPD”).

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Engineered Products Division on the Borrower's perpetual inventory records.

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