Engineer/Engineer-in-charge definition

Engineer/Engineer-in-charge means the Executive Engineer in charge of the works and shall also include the superior Officers of the Engineering Departments of the Corporation, i.e. the Superintending Engineer of respective Circle or the Chief Engineer.
Engineer/Engineer-in-charge means the person so nominated by the OWNER for the time being or such other person as may be duly authorized and appointed in writing by the OWNER to act as site engineer for the purpose of the contract. In cases where no such engineer is so appointed, the word ‘engineer’ shall mean the OWNER or their duly authorized representatives.
Engineer/Engineer-in-charge means the Engineer designated by the Employer to superintend and perform other duties as indicated in the contract.

Examples of Engineer/Engineer-in-charge in a sentence

The cases referred to arbitration shall be other than those for which the decision of the Manager / Senior Engineer / Engineer-in-charge is expressed in the contract to be final and conclusive.

More Definitions of Engineer/Engineer-in-charge

Engineer/Engineer-in-charge means the person representing the Client / Consultants and entrusted with the work of supervision of work at the site.
Engineer/Engineer-in-charge means the PMC appointed by PSCDL for the supervision and management of the Project
Engineer/Engineer-in-charge means the person appointed by the
Engineer/Engineer-in-charge means Manager, I.&.C.F. (Infrastructure & Civic Facilities), Haldia Dock Complex, Kolkata Port Trust.
Engineer/Engineer-in-charge means the representative of Fanidhar Mega Food Park Pvt. Ltd. Or their nominated representative/ agencies.
Engineer/Engineer-in-charge means Regional General Manager of RailTel in charge of works and shall include the senior executives of RailTel. He is responsible for ensuring that all field works covered by the contract are carried out in accordance with approved designs, drawings & specifications and conditions of contract as agreed to.
Engineer/Engineer-in-charge means the Engineering Personnel representing ACCEPTING AUTHORITY/CONSULTANT and entrusted with work of supervision of work at the site in this contract.