EMERALD GRAIN definition

EMERALD GRAIN means Emerald Logistics Pty Ltd ABN 39 087 280 260 and includes any party operating a grain receival site under the “Emerald Grain” name.

Examples of EMERALD GRAIN in a sentence

Forecasts for fiscal year ending March 31, 2021." NotesSumitomo Corporation Stock Exchange code No. 8053(1) Change in significant subsidiaries (changes in "Specified Subsidiaries" accompanying changes in scope of consolidation) during this period: YesExcluded companies: 1 (EMERALD GRAIN PTY LTD)[Note] EMERALD GRAIN PTY LTD has been excluded from the scope of consolidation of Sumitomo Corporation due to the sale of its shares to a third party during this period.

If the Outturn Entitlement has not been outturned, in full, before the Outturn Date, EMERALD GRAIN may, after providing at least 10 days’ notice and consulting during that period with the Warehouser, Title Transfer on behalf of the Warehouser at the best available price for such quality and quantity of Commodity and account to the Warehouser for the sale proceeds net of selling costs and expenses.

EMERALD GRAIN bears all risk of loss or damage to the Commodity arising from usual insurable events except events occurring when the Commodity is in the care and control of the Warehouser or Deliverer.

EMERALD GRAIN may common stock the Commodity of a Warehouser with commodity of the same variety and grade as has been received from other Warehousers or Clients.

These terms and conditions will be governed by the laws of Victoria and EMERALD GRAIN and the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Melbourne.

Where the Warehouser has outturned its Outturn Entitlement and has benefited from an outturn quantity or quality in excess of that to which it was entitled, the Warehouser will, on demand, compensate EMERALD GRAIN by payment for that excess calculated at the Season Average Price.

For this purpose the Warehouser irrevocably appoints EMERALD GRAIN as its agent and attorney.

The Company determines the fair value of its CGU groupings and indefinite life intangible assets using discounted cash flow models corroborated by other valuation techniques.The process of determining these fair values requires the Company to make estimates and assumptions of a long term nature regarding discount rates, projected revenues, royalty rates and margins, as applicable, derived from past experience, actual operating results and budgets.

EMERALD GRAIN at its discretion may, without consultation, adjust the Outturn Entitlement for any Commodity and/or grade to zero where the entitlement is within + or – 1 tonnes of zero (neither EMERALD GRAIN or the Warehouser will be entitled to compensation in these circumstances).

Subject to EMERALD GRAIN providing at least 10 working days prior notice, EMERALD GRAIN has the right to outturn the Commodity to another EMERALD GRAIN site or relocate the Commodity within the site.


Environmental Management System means an environmental management system or plan of management to address all environmental risks and to ensure compliance with all Environmental Laws and licences;
Forestry means the planting and growing of trees for sale in a program which
Grain means the same as defined in section 203.1.
Forest means a tract of land thick with trees and underbrush.
MDOT means the Michigan department of transportation.
AMI means Area Median Income as defined by HUD.
Seller Subsidiaries means the subsidiary partnerships of the McNeil Partnerships listed on Annex G to this Agreement (the "Subsidiary Partnerships") and the subsidiary corporations listed on Annex F to this Agreement (the "Subsidiary Corporations") which hold GP Interests in certain of the Subsidiary Partnerships.
Transportation Company means any organization which provides its own or its leased vehicles for transportation or which provides freight forwarding or air express services.
Pioneer or the "Company" means Pioneer Natural Resources Company and its subsidiaries.
Project Companies means all Group Project Companies and Non-Group Project Companies together, each being a “Project Company”.
Production company means a person or entity engaged in the business of making motion picture, television, or radio images for theatrical, commercial, advertising, or education purposes. Reserved
Virginia Stormwater Management Program authority or "VSMP authority" means an authority approved by the Board after September 13, 2011, to operate a Virginia Stormwater Management Program or the Department. An authority may include a locality; state entity, including the Department; federal entity; or, for linear projects subject to annual standards and specifications in accordance with subsection B of § 62.1-44.15:31, electric, natural gas, and telephone utility companies, interstate and intrastate natural gas pipeline companies, railroad companies, or authorities created pursuant to § 15.2-5102.
water supplier means the company supplying water in the water supply zone, whether a water undertaker or licensed water supplier;
Environmental Management Plan or “EMP” means the environmental management plan for the Project, including any update thereto, incorporated in the IEE;
Seller Parties has the meaning set forth in the preamble to this Agreement.
Coal means all solid fuels classified as anthracite, bituminous, subbituminous, or lignite by the American Society for Testing and Materials Designation ASTM D388-92 “Standard Classification of Coals by Rank.”
Acquired Companies means, collectively, the Company and the Company Subsidiaries.
Acquired Entities means any Person that becomes a Subsidiary as a result of an Acquisition.
Project Company means Company incorporated by the bidder as per Indian Laws in accordance with Clause no 3.5.
RMC has the meaning set forth in Article 6 below.
Alliance means the Public Service Alliance of Canada;
Mines means those devices defined in Article 2, Paragraphs 1, 4 and 5 of Protocol II annexed to the Convention on Prohibitions and Restrictions on the Use of Certain Conventional Weapons Which May Be Deemed to Be Excessively Injurious or to Have Indiscriminate Effects of 1980.
Virginia Stormwater Management Program or "VSMP" means a program approved by the board after September 13, 2011, that has been established by a VSMP authority to manage the quality and quantity of runoff resulting from land-disturbing activities and shall include such items as local ordinances, rules, permit requirements, annual standards and specifications, policies and guidelines, technical materials, and requirements for plan review, inspection, enforcement, where authorized in the Act and associated regulations, and evaluation consistent with the requirements of the SWM Act and associated regulations.
Gas Transporter means the licensed operator of the transportation network through which gas is transported to you;
Subject Company means the company whose equity securities are the subject of a research report or a recommendation.
Plants means living plants and specified living parts thereof, including seeds: