EKB definition

EKB means Etzel-Kavernenbetriebsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, registered in the com- mercial register of the local court Bremen under HRA 26458 with business address at Konsul-Smidt-Straße 14, 28217 Bremen.

Examples of EKB in a sentence

If EKB incurs net losses in selling such Working Gas, the Storage User shall pay EKB an amount equal to 100% of such net losses.

The Storage User shall receive as compensation from EKB an amount equal to 80 % of the net proceeds received by EKB in connection with the sale of the Working Gas.

By no later than twenty (20) Business Days after having received both notifica- tions to be sent to EKB in accordance with§ 16.5, EKB shall notify both the As- signor and the Assignee via their Capacity Rights Accounts (with copy by email) of whether it grants its consent to the proposed Capacity Assignment.

EKB shall not charge any fees for processing Capacity Assignments.

EKB shall return Credit Support to the extent that in EKB's reasonable opinion its credit risk in respect of a Storage User has decreased.

If a Renomination is rejected by either EKB or the Adjacent Network Operator, the Accepted Firm Nomination or Accepted Interruptible Nomination or any previously Accepted Firm Renomination or Accept- ed Interruptible Renomination for such Hour, such Connection Point and such Ship- per Code shall remain in force.

In such event, EKB shall be entitled to use the Storage User's Usea- ble Withdrawal Capacity to withdraw the natural gas sold by EKB.

EKB shall be entitled to withhold Storage Services from a Storage User partly or completely if and as long as the Storage User is in arrears with its payment obliga- tions vis-à-vis EKB and if the Storage User has failed to settle the outstanding balance within five (5) Business Days after receipt of a warning notice from EKB.

EKB shall be entitled from time to time, without the consent of the Storage Users, to amend the terms of these GT&C (including the GT&C Appendices) in order to allow it to offer additional and enhanced products and services in relation to the Storage Facility.

EKB shall, upon reasonable request of a Storage User, return any Credit Support in exchange for the provision of alternative Credit Support by the Storage User in an amount equal to EKB’s credit requirements.

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