Definition of EIB Facility

EIB Facility means that certain Finance Contract to be entered into between the European Investment Bank, as lender, and the Company and Flowserve B.V., as co-borrowers, in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed euro 70,000,000, and as thereafter amended from time to time in accordance with the requirements thereof and of this Agreement.
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Examples of EIB Facility in a sentence

To: European Investment Bank Dear Sirs, Irrevocable Letter of Credit No - issued pursuant to the EIB Facility Agreement dated - 1996 1.
Side letter from EIB confirming no Material Adverse Effect (as defined in the CBFA) on the interests of EIB and that the form, terms and parties of any substitute for any Project Document or any new Project Documents are satisfactory and approved by EIB pursuant to Clause 8.5 of the EIB Facility Agreement.