Definition of EDWC

EDWC means the East Demerara Water Conservancy, a water reservoir system with a catchment area of approximately 571 square kilometers located in Region 4 of the Recipient.

Examples of EDWC in a sentence

The acute and chronic ground water total EDWC (parent + metabolites) is 4.9 ppb.
Based on the Pesticide Root Zone Model/Exposure Analysis Modeling System (PRZM/EXAMS), the estimated drinking water concentration (EDWC) of hexythiazox for chronic exposures for non-cancer and cancer assessments is estimated to be 4.31 parts per billion (ppb) for surface water.
Based on the Tier I Pesticide Root Zone Model-Ground Water (PRZM– GW), the estimated drinking water concentrations (EDWC) of metconazole are estimated to be 51.8 parts per billion (ppb) for acute exposures and not applicable for chronic (non-cancer) exposures.
Modeled surface water EDWCs are based on the maximum label application rate to peppers (acute value) or cherries (chronic and cancer values) while the groundwater EDWC is based on the maximum label application rate to cherries.
For acute dietary risk assessment of females 13–49, the regulatory endpoint is attributable only to the parent compound (as previously discussed); therefore, the surface water EDWC is the most appropriate EDWC for this assessment even though it is of a lower value than the groundwater EDWC, which reflects metabolites only.