Drawer’s signature definition

Drawer’s signature means the signature of a disbursing official placed on the front of a Treasury check as the drawer of the check.

Related to Drawer’s signature

Signature means a tangible symbol or an electronic signature that evidences the signing of a record.
Authorised Signatories means any two authorised officers of the Issuer signing jointly.
Authorised Signatory means, in relation to any Obligor, any person who is duly authorised and in respect of whom the Administrative Agent has received a certificate signed by a director or another Authorised Signatory of such Obligor setting out the name and signature of such person and confirming such person’s authority to act.
Electronic Signature means an electronic sound, symbol, or process attached to, or associated with, a contract or other record and adopted by a Person with the intent to sign, authenticate or accept such contract or record.
Signature Date means the date of the on which this Agreement, or any other document in relation thereto, is signed by the Party signing it last in time on the last date in time.
duly sign means a Declaration Certificate for Local Content that has been signed by the Chief Financial Officer or other legally responsible person nominated in writing by the Chief Executive, or senior member / person with management responsibility(close corporation, partnership or individual).