Definition of Dollar Loan Commitment

Dollar Loan Commitment means, with respect to each Lender, the commitment, if any, of such Lender to make a Dollar Loan on the Dollar Borrowing Date, expressed as an amount representing the maximum principal amount of such Dollar Loan, as such commitment may be (a) reduced from time to time pursuant to Section 2.06 and (b) reduced or increased from time to time pursuant to assignments by or to such Lender pursuant to Section 9.04. The initial amount of each Lender's Dollar Loan Commitment is set forth on Schedule 2.01, or in the Assignment pursuant to which such Lender shall have assumed its initial Dollar Loan Commitment, as applicable.

Examples of Dollar Loan Commitment in a sentence

Aggregate Commitments means, collectively, (a) the Aggregate Revolving Loan Commitments, (b) the Aggregate Term Loan Commitments, and (c) the Canadian Dollar Loan Commitment.
No Lender other than the Canadian Lender shall have any obligation to make or fund all or any portion of Canadian Dollar Loans or to purchase participations in Canadian Dollar Loans from the Canadian Lender, the Canadian Dollar Loan Commitment being solely the responsibility and commitment of the Canadian Lender.
Borrower shall pay to Agent for the sole account of the Canadian Lender, a commitment fee equal to the Applicable Rate times the daily amount by which the Canadian Dollar Loan Commitment exceeds the Outstanding Canadian Dollar Loan Amount of Canadian Dollar Loans calculated on the basis of a 360-day year and the number of actual days elapsed.
Within the limits of the Canadian Lenders Canadian Dollar Loan Commitment, and subject to the other terms and conditions hereof, Borrower may borrow under this Section 2.01(c), prepay under Section 2.05, and reborrow under this Section 2.01(c).
Each Tranche C Term Australian Dollar Loan Lender severally agrees to make term loans (each, a Tranche C Term Australian Dollar Loan) to the Borrower on the Tranche C Funding Date in an amount for each Tranche C Term Australian Dollar Loan Lender not to exceed the amount of the Tranche C Term Australian Dollar Loan Commitment of such Lender.