Distributable definition

Distributable means a determination by the County that Property is due to be paid or distributed to its Owner.
Distributable or "distributive" income means the income of a company after payment of all expenses, including employee salaries and bonuses, and retained earnings, that is distributed to those entitled to receive a share of such income. In the case of a for-profit corporation, distributable income means dividends. When calculating entitlement to distributable income, the entitlement shall be determined at the end of the company's most recent fiscal year.
Distributable means immediately and legally accessible for distribution to the Borrower as the Borrower unilaterally may require without legal restraint (which shall include without limitation, in the case of the Borrower's Insurance Subsidiaries, that those regulators with supervisory authority over such Subsidiaries in the state or states of their incorporation permit such distribution under applicable statute, regulation or otherwise, and in the case of the Borrower's Banking Subsidiaries, that those regulators with supervisory authority over such Subsidiaries either at the national level or in the state of their incorporation permit such distribution under applicable statute, regulation or otherwise). "Marketable Securities" shall mean securities that are publicly traded on an exchange or automated quotation market system. "Total Current Obligations" shall mean the sum of (i) the principal of all outstanding consolidated Indebtedness due within twelve months, (ii) the principal amount of all Loans outstanding under this Agreement (without duplication of amounts included under the preceding clause (i)), and (iii) interest accruing within the next twelve months on all outstanding consolidated Indebtedness determined on a pro forma basis based on the interest rate or rates on such debt in effect on the calculation date.

Examples of Distributable in a sentence

  • Distributable income consists of: 1) net income plus retained earnings, plus or minus the balance of the revenue adjustment account.

  • Distributable cash flow is not necessarily comparable to similarly titled measures of other companies.

  • Distributable cash flow is presented here because it is a widely accepted financial indicator used by investors to compare partnership performance.

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Servicer or any successor to the Servicer shall not be permitted to exercise such option if the amount to be distributed to Securityholders on the related Payment Date would be less than the Note Distributable Amount and Certificate Distributable Amount.

  • For more information, please refer to the paragraph so entitled under the Distributable Events subsection of this SPD’s section on Distribution of Benefits below.

  • Distributable cash flow is a non-GAAP financial measure used by certain investors to measure the financial performance of the Partnership and other master limited partnerships.

  • Distributable cash flow, as we define it, may not be comparable to distributable cash flow or similarly titled measures used by other corporations and partnerships.

  • On or before each Distribution Date, (i) amounts shall be deposited in the Collection Account as provided in Section 4.06 of the Servicing Agreement and (ii) the Aggregate Noteholders’ Interest Distributable Amount and the Aggregate Noteholders’ Principal Distributable Amount shall be transferred from the Collection Account to the Note Distribution Account as and to the extent provided in Section 4.06 of the Servicing Agreement.

  • Distributable cash flow should not be considered in isolation or as an alternative to net income attributable to Holly Energy Partners or operating income, as an indication of our operating performance, or as an alternative to operating cash flow as a measure of liquidity.

  • In all cases Distributable Components shall be distributed only for use to program a Xilinx Device.

More Definitions of Distributable

Distributable under all three tabs means that the issue has been resolved and the line item will be submitted for posting to TFAS that evening.
Distributable with respect to any Unconsolidated Subsidiary or Joint Venture, the circumstance that earnings or other comparable amounts with respect thereto may be paid without restriction (whether pursuant to a Contractual Obligation, restrictions in any relevant organizational documents, applicable Requirements of Law or otherwise) to the Borrower or any of its consolidated Subsidiaries to the extent of the Borrower's Pro Rata Interest therein.
Distributable means, with respect to the Company for a period of time, all funds of the Company on hand or in bank accounts of the Company as, in the discretion of the Managers except as otherwise determined under this Agreement, is available for distribution to the Members after provision has been made for (i) payment of all operating expenses of the Company as of such time, (ii) provision for payment of all outstanding and unpaid current obligations of the Company as of such time, and (iii) provision for such reserves as the Managers deem necessary or appropriate for Company operations.
Distributable has the meaning set forth in Section 6.01(b).

Related to Distributable

  • Distributable Cash means net proceeds after any management fee and sufficient working capital and related reserves. The Series Echo Warrior 19 Manager shall evaluate Distributable Cash quarterly or at more frequent intervals, in its sole discretion. The amount of Distributable Cash shall be determined in the sole discretion of the Series Manager. Distributions of Distributable Cash to members of Series Echo Warrior 19, when made, will be allocated among them in proportion to their Membership Interests in the Series.

  • Distributions means amounts payable in respect of the Trust Securities as provided in Section 4.1.

  • Distributable Items means, as prescribed by CRD IV, the amount of the profits at the end of the last financial year plus any profits brought forward and reserves available for that purpose before distributions to holders of own funds instruments less any losses brought forward, profits which are non-distributable pursuant to provisions in legislation or the institution’s by-laws and sums placed to non-distributable reserves in accordance with applicable national law or the statutes of the institution, those losses and reserves being determined on the basis of the individual accounts of the institution and not on the basis of the consolidated accounts, or any successor provision thereto;

  • Distributable Cash Flow means, for any Distribution Period, an amount equal to the Cash Flow for such Distribution Period, less any amount that the Board may reasonably consider to be necessary to provide for the payment of any costs or expenses, including any tax liability of NV Holdings LP, NV Holdings GP or the Trust, that have been or are reasonably expected to be incurred in the activities and operations of NV Holdings LP, NV Holdings GP or the Trust (to the extent that such costs or expenses have not otherwise been taken into account in the calculation of the Cash Flow) and less such reserves or amounts as are, in the opinion of the Board, necessary or desirable;

  • Distributable Amount has the meaning set forth in Section 5.02(d) hereof.

  • Distribution means a distribution payable to Holders of Securities in accordance with Section 5.1.

  • Distribution Amount means the principal amount of $42,500,000 for each of the COP Swap Counterparties, plus interest, on and after October 15, 2014, on the unpaid Net Amount at the rate applicable to obligations under the Postpetition Financing Agreement, payable in cash in the manner set forth in the COP Swap Settlement Agreement.

  • Cash Distribution means the distribution by the Company to all holders of its Common Stock of cash, other than any cash that is distributed upon a merger or consolidation to which Section 2(h) applies or as part of a distribution referred to in paragraph (4) of Section 2(b).

  • Distribution Event means any insolvency, bankruptcy, receivership, liquidation, reorganization or similar proceeding (whether voluntary or involuntary) relating to the Company or its property, or any proceeding for voluntary or involuntary liquidation, dissolution or other winding up of the Company, whether or not involving insolvency or bankruptcy.