Disaster Privileges definition

Disaster Privileges means those Clinical Privileges granted during a declared disaster as more specifically provided in Section 6.10 of these Bylaws.

Examples of Disaster Privileges in a sentence

  • Likewise, in the event of a disaster as defined by the Hospital disaster plan, Privileges shall be granted in accordance with the Disaster Privileges Policy.

  • These providers will wear a temporary identification badge that readily identifies them as having Disaster Privileges.

  • The Medical Staff retains its obligation to oversee the performance of a Practitioner with Disaster Privileges as it does with any other Practitioner.

  • A Practitioner granted Disaster Privileges must wear identification at all times so that staff and other personnel are quickly able to identify the Practitioner as a health care worker assisting during the disaster.

  • Core Information for Temporary Disaster Privileges – Temporary disaster privileges may be granted upon presentation of any of the following.

  • As soon as the immediate situation is under control, the Associate Administrator of Medical Services will contact the Medical Staff Office to advise that Disaster Privileges have been granted and will forward the original Disaster Privileges forms.

  • If Eduard had not visited Caltech, I believe I would have kept my lab focused solely on genetics.

  • Demand controlled ventilation; there is a need to ensure that minimum settings available on MVHR systems intended for application in empty rooms (that are in some cases below AD F ventilation recommendations) are not a risk to health.

  • Disaster Privileges are time-limited and expire automatically at the time the CEP determines that an emergency (disaster) situation no longer exists, or sooner if there is no longer a need for the additional assistance.

  • The Chief Executive Officer or Chief of Medical Staff or designees, may grant Disaster Privileges.

Related to Disaster Privileges

  • Disaster means a sudden emergency occurrence beyond the control of the licensee, whether natural, technological, or man-made, that renders the licensee unable to operate the facility or makes the facility uninhabitable.

  • Disaster recovery project means a project located on property

  • Clinical Privileges or “PRIVILEGES” means the authorization granted by the Board to render specific patient care services, for which the Medical Staff Leaders and Board have developed eligibility and other credentialing criteria and focused and ongoing professional practice evaluation standards.

  • Natural Disaster means a flood, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, mudslide, tsunami, avalanche, landslide, volcanic eruption, fire, wildfire or blizzard that is due to natural causes.

  • service delivery and budget implementation plan means a detailed plan approved by the executive mayor of a municipality in terms of section 53(l)(c)(ii) of the MFMA for implementing the municipality's delivery of municipal services and its annual budget, and which must indicate

  • Trading Privileges means Trading Access or the right granted to a Person to use the SEF operated by BSEF for execution of Swaps. No Person may exercise Trading Privileges on behalf of a Participant during any suspension of such Participant’s Trading Privileges.

  • Compact privilege means the authorization granted by a remote state to allow a licensee from another member state to practice as a physical therapist or work as a physical therapist assistant in the remote state under its laws and rules. The practice of physical therapy occurs in the member state where the patient/client is located at the time of the patient/client encounter.

  • Conservation Plan means a document that outlines how a project site will be managed using best management practices to avoid potential negative environmental impacts.

  • Project Implementation Manual or “PIM” means the manual setting out the measures required for the implementation of the Project, as the same may be amended from time to time, subject to prior approval of the Association;

  • Maintenance Program means a maintenance program for the Aircraft approved by the Aviation Authority, in conformity with the Maintenance Planning Document.

  • Project Implementation Unit or “PIU” means a Project Implementation Unit referred to in paragraph 2 (a) of Schedule 1 to the Project Agreement;