Definition of DIRECTV Services

DIRECTV Services means the audio and video programming that DIRECTV offers, leases, and/or sells to consumers, directly and/or through Third- Party Retailers, including, but not limited to, the installation, activation and/or delivery of DIRECTV programming, equipment, and/or any other DIRECTV Goods.

Examples of DIRECTV Services in a sentence

Wink will forward all non Interactive Wink Programming inquiries (meaning DIRECTV Services inquiries) to the DIRECTV customer service line designated by DIRECTV.
DIRECTV will forward all non DIRECTV Services inquiries (meaning Wink inquiries) to the Wink customer service line designated by Wink.
Notwithstanding the above, no Subsidiary of the Company shall be designated an Unrestricted Subsidiary if such Subsidiary distributes, directly or indirectly, DIRECTV Services pursuant to an agreement with the NRTC or has any right, title or interest in the revenue or profits in, or holds any Lien in respect of, any such agreement.
Notwithstanding DIRECTV's rights pursuant to Section 2.1, DIRECTV will not modify the TiVo Source Code to: (a) use the term TiVo Central; (b) use TiVo as the primary brand of the DIRECTV Services; (c) use loop sets confusingly similar to those used by TiVo in TiVo products other than DIRECTV Devices With TiVo as of the Effective Date.