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Description of Transfer. (As set forth in Exhibit C, Xxxxx X, Part B of this DTA.)
Description of Transfer. (As set forth in Exhibit C, Annex I, Part B of this DTA.)
Description of Transfer. Many students take TPR courses during the Summer. However, the actual exam is not given during the Summer. Therefore, TPR offers a brief refresher program before the Fall exams for students that took a TPR course during the Summer and wish to brush up on their skills prior to the actual exam. Problems arise when students wish to take this short brush-up session at another course location.

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  • There is a plan for extension of the service, connecting Kampala, Kigali, and Bujumbura.The main issues of the Northern Railway Corridor include: (i) insufficient rolling stock capacity,(ii) poorly maintained track (see Table 3.1.3), and (iii) lower service speeds, which have led to extreme under capacity in relation to increasing railway traffic demand.

  • Central Air-Conditioning Supply SystemLandlord WorkLandlord will provide a variable volume, central air-conditioning system completely installed including “air-side economizer” operation with the following: 1.

  • EXHIBIT G to Mutual Fund Services Agreement TRANSFER AGENCY FEE SCHEDULE IFees (as defined in the General Description of Transfer Agency Services) [1] [2] Annual Per Account Fees: ­ Direct Accounts ­ NSCC Accounts ­ Closed Accounts -$20 per year - $15 per year - $ 4 per year Annual per account fees are subject to an annual minimum of $20,000 per portfolio.

  • Fund Performance Report 10.SEC Yield Calculation Work Sheet (fixed-income funds only) EXHIBIT D to Mutual Fund Services Agreement Description of Transfer Agency Services The following is a general description of the transfer agency services Unified shall provide to the Fund.

  • Description of Transfer Behavior‌ Table 1 presents the distribution of transfers for both college attendees and for those who receive a BA degree within eight years of high school graduation.

  • Comment Date: October 9, 1996.k. Description of Transfer: Thetransfer of license is being sought inconnection with the sale of the project from Highland Hydro Construction, Inc.

  • Mark Hooper, (202) 219–2680.j. Comment Date: July 10, 1995.k. Description of Transfer: Applicant wishes to transfer its license back to Fall River Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc.l. This notice also consists of thefollowing standard paragraphs: B, C1, and D2.

  • Role (controller/processor): Processor Xxxxx X, Part B: Description of Transfer See this DPA Schedule, Section A above.

  • Las Colinas Boulevard Suite 1300Irving, Texas 75039Fax: Description of Transfer of Assets and CustomersPursuant to an Asset Purchase Agreement (“Agreement”) dated as of March 13, 2010, between Matrix and Comtel, the Parties intend to complete a transaction (“Transaction”) through which Matrix will acquire certain assets of Comtel, including Comtel’s customer bases and substantially all of the assets used in Comtel’s provision of telecommunications services.

  • Appendix Information: The information which must be provided for the selected modules as set out in the Appendix of the Approved EU SCCs (other than the Parties), and which for this Addendum is set out in: Annex 1A: List of Parties; Annex 1B: Description of Transfer; Annex II: Technical and organisational measures including technical and organisational measures to ensure the security of the data; and Annex III: List of Sub processors (Modules 2 and 3 only).

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  • Notice of Transfer With regard to Distressed Mortgage Loans that will become Transferred Mortgage Loans, the notice given by the related Prior Servicer (if such Prior Servicer is Aurora) to the Master Servicer, the applicable Custodian, the Trustee and the Special Servicer or by the Master Servicer (if the related Prior Servicer(s) are not Aurora) to the Prior Servicer(s), the applicable Custodian, the Trustee and the Special Servicer, in each case substantially in the form of Exhibit A hereto.

  • Deed of Transfer means a deed to be entered into between SZC Co and the Suffolk Community Foundation providing for the payment of some or all of the Sizewell C Community Fund for the purpose of mitigating the intangible and residual impacts of the Project by enhancing the quality of life of communities within the Area of Benefit;

  • Date of Transfer means the date of registration of transfer of the Property into the name of the Purchaser in the Deeds Registry in Pietermaritzburg;

  • As Of Transaction means any single or “related transaction” (as defined below) involving the purchase or redemption of Shares (including exchanges) that is processed at a time other than the time of the computation of the Fund’s net asset value per share next computed after receipt of any such transaction order by Price Services due to an act or omission of Price Services. “As Of Processing” refers to the processing of these As Of Transactions. All As Of Processing may only be performed in accordance with the requirements of Rule 22c-1 of the ’40 Act. Price Services is responsible for monitoring As Of Transactions procedures that set forth the circumstances under which As Of Transactions are permitted. If more than one As Of Transaction (“Related Transaction”) in the Fund is caused by or occurs as a result of the same act or omission, such transactions shall be aggregated with other transactions in the Fund and be considered as one As Of Transaction. · Reporting Price Services shall:

  • means of transport means rail transport, road freight transport, inland waterway transport, maritime transport, air transport, and intermodal transport;

  • Tool of Trade means:a Vehicle that has tools, implements, machinery or plant attached to or towed by the Vehicle and is being used by You at Your premises or on any Worksite. Tool of Trade does not include any Vehicle whilst travelling to or from a Worksite or Vehicles that are used to carry goods to or from any premises.

  • Department of Transportation means the United States Department of Transportation and any agency or instrumentality of the United States government succeeding to its functions.

  • Letter of Transmittal means the letter of transmittal to be prepared by the Company and sent to all Holders of the Notes for use by such Holders in connection with the Exchange Offer.

  • Letter of Transmittal and Election Form means the letter of transmittal and election form for use by holders of Domtar Common Shares, in the form accompanying the Circular;

  • Regulations of the U.S. Department of Transportation means the regulations in 49 CFR Parts 100-189.

  • Termination of Trading means the occurrence of the Common Stock (or other common stock into which the Notes are convertible) not being listed for trading on a United States national securities exchange nor approved for listing on any United States system of automated dissemination of quotations of securities prices nor traded in over-the-counter securities markets and no American Depositary Shares or similar instruments for the Common Stock are so listed or approved for listing in the United States.

  • Certificate Regarding Non-Bank Status means a certificate substantially in the form of Exhibit E.

  • Form of Assignment and Transfer means the “Form of Assignment and Transfer” attached as Attachment 3 to the Form of Note attached hereto as Exhibit A.

  • Contract Signature Page(s means the State of Utah cover page(s) that the State Entity and Contractor sign.

  • In the course of transportation means in the course of transportation within the United States, or in the course of transportation outside the United States and any other nation, including handling or temporary storage incidental

  • Assignment Form means the assignment form attached as Annex 2 hereto.

  • DTC means The Depository Trust Company.

  • Representation Letter Letters to, or agreements with, the Depository to effectuate a book entry system with respect to the Class A Certificates registered in the Register under the nominee name of the Depository.

  • Official certificate means any form of certification, either written or print- ed, used under this part to certify with respect to the sampling, class, grade, quality, size, quantity, or condition of products (including the compliance of products with applicable specifica- tions).

  • Euroclear Sweden means Euroclear Sweden AB, the Swedish central securities depository;

  • DTC Representation Letter means the Blanket Letter of Representation from the Issuer and the Paying Agent to DTC which provides for a book-entry system, or any agreement between the Issuer and Paying Agent and a successor securities depository duly appointed.

  • Tax Certificate means the Federal Tax Certificate executed and delivered by the City on the Date of Original Issue of any Bond issued as a Tax-Exempt Bond, as the same may be amended or supplemented in accordance with its provisions.

  • Community custody means that portion of an offender's

  • Transfer Form means a standardized form prescribed by the Management Company to be duly filed by the investor to transfer Units and will be stated in this Offering Document.

  • Transfer Affidavit As defined in Section 5.02(c).

  • Cooperative Stock Certificate With respect to a Cooperative Loan, the stock certificate or other instrument evidencing the related Cooperative Stock.