Depositor Information definition

Depositor Information. As defined in Section 3.18(c). Depository: The Depository Trust Company, the nominee of which is Cede & Co., or any successor thereto.

Examples of Depositor Information in a sentence

  • You must acknowledge receipt of the Depositor Information Sheet before entering into a deposit contract.

  • Depositor warrants that all Depositor Information provided hereunder is accurate and reliable and undertakes to promptly correct and update such Depositor Information during the Term of this Agreement.

  • Provide the Original Depositor Information and indicate how the IRA BDA is being funded.

  • This information will be verified to ensure identity of all individuals opening a mutual fund account.The bolded items in the Depositor Information section below must be completed and will be verified as required by the USA PATRIOT Act.

  • If you have an Account with us or wish to open an Account with us, we are obliged to offer you a copy of our Deposit Guarantee Scheme Depositor Information Sheet.

More Definitions of Depositor Information

Depositor Information means all information other than the Countrywide Information contained in the Free-Writing Prospectus dated on or about July 13, 2006, Prospectus Supplement, the accompanying Prospectus dated on or about April 24, 2006 the Private Placement Memorandum dated on or about July 27, 2006 relating to the privately offered Certificates and any amendment or supplement to any of the foregoing and any other materials used by the Depositor to offer any of the Certificates.
Depositor Information. As defined in Section 4.18(b).
Depositor Information. As defined in Section 3.16.
Depositor Information. As defined in Section 3.23 hereof.
Depositor Information shall have the meaning given to such term in Section 4.06(b).
Depositor Information means any computer tape or other information in respect of the Notes, the Receivables or other Trust Property furnished by the Depositor or any of its affiliates to any Underwriter.
Depositor Information means the statements set forth in the Free Writing Prospectus and the Prospectus Supplement under the caption "The Depositor".