Dempster definition

Dempster means Dempster Nominees Pty. Ltd. a company incorporated in the State as trustee of The Dallas Dempster Family Trust;
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Examples of Dempster in a sentence

The ability to control impulses has been studied extensively in child development (Carlson and Moses 2001; Diamond and Taylor 1996; Mischel, Shoda, and Rodriguez 1989) as well as among adults (Ward and Mann 2000; Dempster 1992).

Fortunately, this area of research benefits from exten- sive review articles (e.g., Benjamin & Tullis, 2010; Cepeda, Pashler, Vul, Wixted, & Rohrer, 2006; Delaney, Verkoeijen, & Spirgel, 2010; Dempster & Farris, 1990; Donovan & Radosev- ich, 1999; Janiszewski, Noel, & Sawyer, 2003), which pro- vided foundations for the current review.

These places will be entered in the Register on an interim basis with effect from today in accordance with section 50(1) of the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990.Masonic Hall (fmr), Southern Cross at 14 Spica Street, Southern Cross; Lot 45 on DP 223122 being the whole of the land contained in C/T V 890 F 191.Bijou Theatre at 115 Dempster Street, Esperance; Lot 23 on D 51885 being the whole of the land contained in C/T V 1470 F 641.

A sidewalk shall be constructed within the condominium road allowance to provide access to the nearby Dempster Park (Village North) in Stroud as part of the Town of Innisfil Trails Master Plan.

Directors: JA Mabuza (Chairman), SN Maseko (Group Chief Executive Officer), DJ Fredericks (Chief Financial Officer), S Botha, G Dempster, T Dingaan, N Kapila*, I Kgaboesele, K Kweyama, K Mzondeki, F Petersen-Lurie, R Tomlinson, H Touré,LL Von Zeuner.