Definition of Delayed Draw Term Lender(s

Delayed Draw Term Lender(s means (a) on the date hereof, any Lender having a Delayed Draw Term Commitment and (b) thereafter, any Lender that from time to time holds Delayed Draw Term Loans and/or Delayed Draw Term Commitments after giving effect to any assignments thereof permitted by Section 11.06(b).

Examples of Delayed Draw Term Lender(s in a sentence

Such borrowing will then be promptly made available to the Parent Borrower by the Administrative Agent on such date by crediting the amount of the Parent Borrower designated in the Account Designation Letter hereunder with the aggregate of the amounts made available to the Administrative Agent by the Delayed Draw Term Lenders and in like funds as received by the Administrative Agent.
The failure of any Delayed Draw Term Lender to make any Delayed Draw Term Loan required to be made by it shall not relieve any other Delayed Draw Term Lender of its obligations hereunder; PROVIDED that the Delayed Draw Term Commitments of the Delayed Draw Term Lenders are several and no Delayed Draw Term Lender shall be responsible for any other Delayed Draw Term Lender's failure to make Delayed Draw Term Loans as required.
To achieve the full amount of the Incremental Commitment specified in the applicable Incremental Commitment Request, subject to the approval of the Administrative Agent (which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld) AMRC may obtain the agreement of additional Eligible Assignees to become Delayed Draw Term Lenders or Revolving Lenders, as the case may be, pursuant to an Incremental Commitment Joinder Agreement.
The Administrative Agent shall give notice to each Delayed Draw Term Loan Lender promptly upon receipt of each Notice of Borrowing, the contents thereof and each such Delayed Draw Term Lenders share thereof.
Upon execution and delivery hereof, Administrative Agent will record the [New Revolving Loans] [New Delayed Draw Term Loans] [Series [__] New Term Loans] made by [New Revolving Loan Lenders] [New Delayed Draw Term Lenders] [New Term Loan Lenders] in the Register.