Definition of DEG Operating Agreement

DEG Operating Agreement means that certain Limited Liability Company Agreement of DEG, LLC, dated as of August 11, 2004, by and between DERF 2002 and HBRCT.

Examples of DEG Operating Agreement in a sentence

The foregoing sentence shall not (i) limit the Contributor's right to specific performance or injunctive relief in connection with the breach by the Operating Partnership of its covenants in this Agreement or (ii) constitute a waiver of any rights or remedies of the Contributor under the DEG Operating Agreement or the DEGA Operating Agreement, as the case may be.
In accordance with Section 9.1 of the DEG Operating Agreement in respect of the DEG Contributed Interest and Section 9.1 of the DEGA Operating Agreement in respect of the DEGA Contributed Interest, the Manager consents to the transfer contemplated in Section 1.01 hereof and the admission of the Operating Partnership as a substituted member in DEG and DEGA.