Deferral Letter definition

Deferral Letter means the letter issued by the Director, Affordable Housing Office, addressed to the City's Chief Building Official confirming that the Development Charges are to be deferred for the Project, to be provided to the Proponent upon fulfilling the conditions set out in Section 4.1 hereof
Deferral Letter means the letter dated 19 November 2004 from the Luxco Borrower to the Facility Agent under which the Luxco Borrower requested the Senior Finance Parties to defer the exercise of their rights in connection with certain Events of Default for a standstill period of 90 days, the terms of which were accepted by the Senior Finance Parties pursuant to a letter dated 17 December 2004.

Examples of Deferral Letter in a sentence

  • Respondent Date Sincerely, Regional AdministratorSample Deferral Letter to Complainant Letters of this type must be mailed to the parties when deferring to an arbitration decision that did not result in a settlement.

  • The Commission’s September 17, 2015 Deferral Letter directed the school’s attention to the following areas required by accrediting standards:1.

  • Image 1 - Changing Application Status to Deferred Part B – Send Deferral Letter to Applicant: 1.

  • If approved by the OWS, a Non-Profit Deferral Letter shall be issued, and an Employer may pay wages based on the deferral rate.

  • Neither the August 8, 2012, Cost Sharing Agreement, Rent Deferral Letter, nor the First Amendment to the Cost Sharing Agreement had previously addressed the Cost Sharing Program’s funding source.

  • In cases where a DA Deferral Letter is issued, the Bronx DA will inform Claimants in writing of their ability to seek review of the decision pursuant to 38 RCNY § 12- 34(e).

  • Where a civil forfeiture proceeding has been commenced, the DA Deferral Letter will attach, when available, paperwork documenting the commencement of the civil forfeiture action or other case information, such as the court, case number, case status, and the agency that commenced the action.

  • Any data sheets, drawings, or any other related documents accompanying this specification shall be considered a part of this specification.

  • The Bronx DA shall not issue a DA Deferral Letter solely on the basis of a possible or planned civil forfeiture proceeding that has not yet been commenced.

  • The Bronx DA has created and will maintain a dedicated inquiry phone line to respond to inquiries regarding the status of submitted Request Forms, including whether a response from the Bronx DA is available and, if so, whether a DA Release or a DA Deferral Letter was issued.

Related to Deferral Letter

  • Deferral Election Form means each form established from time to time by the Administrator that the Executive completes, signs and returns to the Administrator to designate the amount of Deferrals.

  • Deferral Agreement means the completed agreement, including any amendments, attachments and appendices thereto, in such form approved by the Administrative Committee, between an Eligible Executive and the Company, under which the Eligible Executive agrees to defer a portion of his Bonus.

  • Deferral Election means the Participant’s election under Section 3.1 to defer all or a portion of his or her Compensation.

  • Deferral means the amount or amounts of a Participant’s Compensation deferred under the provisions of Section 3.

  • Enrollment Agreement means an agreement between the Company and an employee, in such form as may be established by the Company from time to time, pursuant to which the employee elects to participate in this Plan, or elects changes with respect to such participation as permitted under the Plan.

  • Deferral Contribution means any contribution made to the Plan by the Employer in accordance with the provisions of Section 5.03.

  • Bonus Deferral means the amount of a Participant's Bonus Compensation which the Participant elects to have withheld on a pre-tax basis from his Bonus Compensation and credited to his account pursuant to Section 4.1.

  • Deferral Year means each calendar year during which the Director makes, or is entitled to make, Compensation Deferrals under Section 3 hereof.

  • Election Form means the form established from time to time by the Committee that a Participant completes, signs and returns to the Committee to make an election under the Plan.

  • Salary Reduction Agreement means an agreement between a dis- trict and an employee to reduce the employee’s salary for the pur- pose of making direct contributions to or purchases of a qualified investment product. Art. 6228a-5, Sec. 4(5), Tex. Rev. Civ. Stat.

  • Deferred Compensation Agreement means an agreement to participate and to defer compensation between a Participant and the Company in such form and consistent with terms of the Plan as the Company may prescribe from time to time.

  • Deferral Plan means the UGI Corporation 2009 Deferral Plan.

  • Deferral Date means the date Fees would otherwise have been paid to the Participant.

  • Compensation Deferral means the amount or amounts of the Director's Compensation deferred under the provisions of Section 3 of this Agreement.

  • Deferral Notice has the meaning set forth in Section 3(h) hereof.

  • Distribution Election Form means the form established from time to time by the Plan Administrator that the Director completes, signs and returns to the Plan Administrator to designate the time and form of distribution.

  • Deferral Contributions are Salary Reduction Contributions and Cash or Deferred Contributions the Employer contributes to the Trust on behalf of an Eligible Employee, irrespective of whether, in the case of Cash or Deferred Contributions, the contribution is at the election of the Employee. For Salary Reduction Contributions, the terms "deferral contributions" and "elective deferrals" have the same meaning.

  • Salary reduction plan means a benefit plan whereby school em- ployees may agree to a reduction of salary on a pretax basis to par- ticipate in the dependent care assistance program, medical flexible spending arrangement, or premium payment plan offered pursuant to 26

  • Deferred Compensation Award means an award of Stock Units granted to a Participant pursuant to Section 12 of the Plan.

  • Deferrals means the amount of the Executive's Compensation, which the Executive elects to defer according to this Agreement.

  • Deferral Period means the period of time during which Deferred Shares are subject to deferral limitations under Section 7 of this Plan.

  • Deferred Compensation Plan means any plan, agreement or arrangement maintained by the Company from time to time that provides opportunities for deferral of compensation.

  • Plan Agreement means a written agreement, as may be amended from time to time, which is entered into by and between an Employer and a Participant. Each Plan Agreement executed by a Participant and the Participant’s Employer shall provide for the entire benefit to which such Participant is entitled under the Plan; should there be more than one Plan Agreement, the Plan Agreement bearing the latest date of acceptance by the Employer shall supersede all previous Plan Agreements in their entirety and shall govern such entitlement. The terms of any Plan Agreement may be different for any Participant, and any Plan Agreement may provide additional benefits not set forth in the Plan or limit the benefits otherwise provided under the Plan; provided, however, that any such additional benefits or benefit limitations must be agreed to by both the Employer and the Participant.

  • Deferred Compensation Account means the account maintained with respect to each Participant under the Plan. The Deferred Compensation Account shall be credited with Participant Deferral Credits and Employer Credits, credited or debited for deemed investment gains or losses, and adjusted for payments in accordance with the rules and elections in effect under Section 8. The Deferred Compensation Account of a Participant shall include any In-Service or Education Account of the Participant, if applicable.

  • Bonus Compensation shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3(b).

  • Deferral Account means (i) the sum of all of a Participant’s Annual Deferral Amounts, plus (ii) amounts credited or debited to the Participant’s Deferral Account in accordance with this Plan, less (iii) all distributions made to the Participant or his or her Beneficiary pursuant to this Plan that relate to his or her Deferral Account.