Definition of Data Documentation

Data Documentation means all user manuals, handbooks, data forms, pocket guides, templates and other documentation or material in printed form in relation to the Data, including any corrections or additions thereto or subsequent releases thereof; m).

Examples of Data Documentation in a sentence

Manufacturer's Qualification Data: Documentation showing compliance with specified requirements.
Escalation related to Data * Data Documentation * Data Collation * Data Submission * Data Entry * Data Collection (from Private Hospitals) * Data Quality * Data Documentation Formats * Supportive Supervisory Visits during Mobility * Any related documentation/submission * DEO deployment and work related MOI/C (Block) CMO (District) AD (Division) 2.
Source: RAND HRS Data Documentation, Version G, March 2007, p.1035.
FEMA has prepared Benefit-Cost Analysis Data Documentation Templates (DDT) to assist subapplicants in organizing and addressing all required documentation in support of the BCA.
All Software, Data, Documentation, or maintenance orders placed within one (1) year of this Agreement's execution date shall be licensed under the terms of this Agreement, except that new Software, Data, and Documentation commercially released during that year may require additional terms.