Daily service charge definition

Daily service charge means the charge billed to a patient for a day of stay in a facility without any ancillary services provided.
Daily service charge means the charge billed to a patient for a day of stay in a facility without any ancillary services provided. "Discharges by patient diagnosis" means the count of discharges from a given fiscal period for each patient diagnosis/major
Daily service charge. Interest Journal Parameter Display Per Account/Per Month $ .03 List Post Notices with Activity in Serial Number Sequence Per Account/Per Notice $ 1.00 BASIC PROCEDURES - Determination of statement cycles, service charge schedule, overdraft procedures, and other related procedures will be developed and implemented with the mutual agreement of the Customer and CSI. SAVINGS ADDITIONAL SERVICES- Interest Calculation - $ .08 per account each interest pay period. (This charge is billable at time of interest calculation.) (Required Service) Statements (1 Part)- $ .10 per account (Optional Service) Self Mailer Statements - $ .20 per account (Optional Service) There are two (2) sort options for printing combined 1099 Self Mailers at year end: Alpha by TIN Zip Sequence (Prices will be based on current forms cost.)

Examples of Daily service charge in a sentence

  • The basic charge will not be billed monthly but collected when customers purchase electricity at any given time as follow:- Daily service charge payable at each purchase transaction.

  • Daily service charge = Monthly service charge / Number of natural days in each “contractual month”.Example: The amount of the monthly service charge under the contract is RMB 5,000 Yuan, and the estimated period corresponding to the house service charge is from February 15, 2016 to May 14, 2016, so the total amount shall b RMB 15,000 Yuan.

Related to Daily service charge

  • Service Charge means the amount charged for making a service available on line and is in addition to the actual fee for a service itself. For example, one who renews a license on line will pay the license renewal fee and a service charge.

  • Annual Service Charge for any period means the aggregate interest expense for the period in respect of, and the amortization during the period of any original issue discount of, Indebtedness of the Company and its Subsidiaries and the amount of dividends which are payable during the period in respect of any Disqualified Stock.

  • Daily Charge means any of the User's Daily General Charge and, in respect of Passenger Operators, the Daily Long Term Charge, as the context requires;

  • Monthly Charge shall have the meaning set forth in Article 5.

  • Annual Debt Service Charge as of any date means the amount which is expensed in any 12-month period for interest on Debt of the Company and its Subsidiaries.

  • Service Charges means the fees levied by the municipality in terms of its tariff policy for any municipal services rendered in respect of an immovable property and includes any penalties, interest or surcharges levied or imposed in terms of this policy.

  • Total Service Charges means all charges, after application of all discounts and credits, for Services excluding Taxes, Governmental Charges, equipment, Company ILEC, Company Wireless, Document Delivery Fax, non-recurring, goods and services acquired by Company as Customer’s agent, international pass-through access (Type 3/PTT) and charges for international access or provided by Company (Type 1), charges for security services provided by Cybertrust, Inc. or its affiliates set forth in the Guide as providers of Cybertrust security services and other charges expressly excluded by this Agreement.

  • Debt Service Charges means for any Measurement Period, the sum of (a) Consolidated Interest Charges paid or required to be paid for such Measurement Period, plus (b) principal payments made or required to be made on account of Indebtedness (excluding the Obligations and any Synthetic Lease Obligations but including, without limitation, Capital Lease Obligations) for such Measurement Period, in each case determined on a Consolidated basis in accordance with GAAP.

  • Bond Service Charges means, for any period or payable at any time, the principal of, premium, if any, and interest on the Bonds for that period or payable at that time whether due at maturity or upon redemption, Mandatory Tender or acceleration.

  • Monthly Servicing Fee shall have the meaning specified in subsection 3.01.

  • Finance charge means that term as defined in section 106 of the truth in lending act, 15 USC 1605.

  • Usage Charges means the Charges for the Service or applicable part of the Service that are calculated by multiplying the volume of units that the Customer used or incurred in a period (e.g. number of users using the Service, or the number of minutes the Service was used for) with the relevant fee that is specified in the Online Order.

  • Minimum Charge means the higher of the rate minimum and the rate applied to the Contracted Minimum Demand;

  • Maintenance Charges shall comprise of the Common Expenses and such other charges incurred for the welfare and maintenance of the Project;

  • Non-Serviced Primary Servicing Fee Rate With respect to each Non-Serviced Mortgage Loan, the per annum rate set forth on the Mortgage Loan Schedule under the heading “Non-Serviced Primary Servicing Fee Rate (%)”.

  • Collection Point means any agreed point where waste is placed by the originator for collection by the Council or a waste carrier.

  • Monthly Fee The amount payable by Healthcare to LTC under Section 4.1 herein with respect to a particular Full Month or any First Month or Last Month.

  • Primary Servicing Fee Rate With respect to each Serviced Mortgage Loan (other than any Servicing Shift Mortgage Loan), the rate per annum set forth on Exhibit B to this Agreement. With respect to each Servicing Shift Mortgage Loan, prior to the related Servicing Shift Securitization Date, the applicable rate per annum set forth on Exhibit B to this Agreement. With respect to each Non-Serviced Mortgage Loan, no Primary Servicing Fee Rate will be charged by the Master Servicer, but the Non-Serviced Mortgage Loan Primary Servicing Fee Rate (which, with respect to each such Non-Serviced Mortgage Loan as of the Closing Date, is set forth on Exhibit B to this Agreement under the column labeled “Primary Servicing Fee Rate”) is charged by the applicable Other Servicer pursuant to the related Other Pooling and Servicing Agreement. For the avoidance of doubt, the Primary Servicing Fee Rate includes any fee rate payable to a Mortgage Loan Seller Sub-Servicer.

  • Service Volume means a measure of Services for which a Performance Target is set;

  • Yield Maintenance Charge With respect to any Mortgage Loan, any premium, fee or other additional amount paid or payable, as the context requires, by a borrower in connection with a principal prepayment on, or other early collection of principal of, a Mortgage Loan, calculated, in whole or in part, pursuant to a yield maintenance formula or otherwise pursuant to a formula that reflects the lost interest, including any specified amount or specified percentage of the amount prepaid which constitutes the minimum amount that such Yield Maintenance Charge may be.

  • Monthly Base Rent The monthly rent specified in Section 1.01(8).

  • Monthly Servicing Report shall have the meaning attributed to such term in the Servicing Agreement.

  • Service Fee means a fee charged by us to you for the administration of your credit facility.

  • Service credit year means an accumulation of months of

  • Monthly Debt Service Payment Amount means, for each Monthly Payment Date, an amount equal to the amount of interest which is then due on all the Components of the Loan in the aggregate for the Interest Period during which such Monthly Payment Date occurs.

  • Contract Charges means charges that accrue during a given month as defined in Article III. “Contract Term” is defined in Article IV.