Definition of Cross Connection Control Program

Cross Connection Control Program means the program administered by the public water system in which cross connections are either eliminated or controlled.

Examples of Cross Connection Control Program in a sentence

The Woburn Department of Public Works shall have the authority to oversee and enforce the Cross Connection Control Program.
Cross-Connection Control Program Coordinator/Officer shall mean the person who is vested with the authority and responsibility for the implementation of the Cross- Connection Control Program and this ordinance.
All administrative costs associated with the operation of the City of Woburn Cross Connection Control Program will be supported by a fee for submittals on survey results, plan approvals, testing results, and permitting of testable devices.
During 2014, the Cross Connection Control Program continued to exceed the anticipated frequency milestones set forth in the Revised 2007 FAD (NYSDOH 2014), except for two categories which are tracking close to but below the anticipated frequency (Response to cross connection control complaints, Review requests for exemption from cross connection control requirements).
The Town of Foxborough also conducts a rigorous Cross Connection Control Program to ensure that the public water is free from contamination from businesses, industries, and other unacceptable sources.