Credit Card Settlement Class definition

Credit Card Settlement Class means and includes: American- branded Citibank or Xxxxxxx’x partner credit card holders entitling them to free checked baggage who were required to pay to check one or more such bags on domestic itineraries on or after February 24, 2017 for tickets purchased on or before April 8, 2020 (for the removal of doubt, this includes passengers on layovers on international itineraries who were charged a second time to check bags for domestic portions of those itineraries); and (b) either were sent Mail Notice or Email Notice of the Settlement or otherwise submit a Valid Claim related to At-Issue Baggage Fees covered by subpart (a) of this definition.

Examples of Credit Card Settlement Class in a sentence

  • Service credit will be accepted at a rate equal to the amount that would have been earned if the employment had been with the City of Cleveland, up to a certain limit, depending on the type of time benefit time.

  • Plaintiff William Cleary is the class representative representing the Email Confirmation Settlement Class, and Plaintiff Filippo Ferrigni is the class representative representing the Credit Card Settlement Class.

Related to Credit Card Settlement Class

  • Ontario Settlement Class means the settlement class in respect of the Ontario Action as defined in Schedule A.

  • Credit Card Issuer means any person (other than a Borrower or other Loan Party) who issues or whose members issue credit cards, including, without limitation, MasterCard or VISA bank credit or debit cards or other bank credit or debit cards issued through MasterCard International, Inc., Visa, U.S.A., Inc. or Visa International and American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Xxxxx Xxxxxxx and other non-bank credit or debit cards, including, without limitation, credit or debit cards issued by or through American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc., and Novus Services, Inc. and other issuers approved by the Agent.

  • Settlement Class means the class described in Section II(E)(2) below.

  • Settlement Classes means all Persons included in the Electrolytic Settlement Classes and the Film Settlement Classes.

  • securities settlement system means a system that enables securities to be transferred and settled by book entry according to a set of predetermined multilateral rules.

  • Credit Card Receivables means each “payment intangible” (as defined in the UCC) together with all income, payments and proceeds thereof, owed by a Credit Card Issuer or Credit Card Processor to a Loan Party resulting from charges by a customer of a Loan Party on credit or debit cards issued by such Credit Card Issuer in connection with the sale of goods by a Loan Party, or services performed by a Loan Party, in each case in the ordinary course of its business.

  • Viatical settlement provider means a person, other than a viator, who enters into or effectuates a viatical settlement contract. Viatical settlement provider does not include:

  • Debit Card Transaction means an electronic payment using a Card for the purchase of goods or services (which can include payment for CashBack), by a Cardholder, to a Retailer displaying the Visa logo and/or who is in the Visa Scheme.

  • Credit Card Account means the Account of the Cardmember opened with Maybank for the purpose of this Agreement;

  • Card Issuer means the financial institution or company which has provided a Card to a Cardholder.

  • Eligible Credit Card Receivables means, at the time of any determination thereof, each Credit Card Receivable that satisfies the following criteria at the time of creation and continues to meet the same at the time of such determination: such Credit Card Receivable (i) has been earned by performance and represents the bona fide amounts due to a Borrower from a Credit Card Issuer or Credit Card Processor, and in each case originated in the ordinary course of business of such Borrower, and (ii) in each case is acceptable to the Agent in its Permitted Discretion, and is not ineligible for inclusion in the calculation of the Borrowing Base pursuant to any of clauses (a) through (k) below. Without limiting the foregoing, to qualify as an Eligible Credit Card Receivable, such Credit Card Receivable shall indicate no Person other than a Borrower as payee or remittance party. In determining the amount to be so included, the face amount of a Credit Card Receivable shall be reduced by, without duplication, to the extent not reflected in such face amount, (i) the amount of all accrued and actual discounts, claims, credits or credits pending, promotional program allowances, price adjustments, finance charges or other allowances (including any amount that a Borrower may be obligated to rebate to a customer, a Credit Card Issuer or Credit Card Processor pursuant to the terms of any agreement or understanding (written or oral)) and (ii) the aggregate amount of all cash received in respect of such Credit Card Receivable but not yet applied by the Loan Parties to reduce the amount of such Credit Card Receivable. Except as otherwise agreed by the Agent, any Credit Card Receivable included within any of the following categories shall not constitute an Eligible Credit Card Receivable:

  • Credit card means any card, plate, coupon book, or other credit device ex- isting for the purpose of obtaining money, property, labor, or services on credit.

  • Credit Card Notification means, collectively, the notices to Credit Card Issuers or Credit Card Processors who are parties to Credit Card Agreements in substantially the form delivered under the Original Credit Agreement, which Credit Card Notifications shall require the ACH or wire transfer no less frequently than each Business Day (and whether or not there are then any outstanding Obligations) to an Approved Deposit Account of all payments due from Credit Card Processors.

  • Credit Card Notifications has the meaning provided in Section 6.13(a)(i).

  • Seller credit card means an arrangement pursuant to which a person gives to a buyer or lessee the privilege of using a credit card, letter of credit, or other credit confirmation or identification primarily for the purpose of purchasing or leasing goods or services from that person or from that person and any other person.

  • Credit Card Agreement means, with respect to a revolving credit card account, the agreements between an Account Owner and the Obligor governing the terms and conditions of such account, as such agreements may be amended, modified or otherwise changed from time to time and as distributed (including any amendments and revisions thereto) to holders of such account.

  • Credit Card Processor means any servicing or processing agent or any factor or financial intermediary who facilitates, services, processes or manages the credit authorization, billing transfer and/or payment procedures with respect to any Borrower’s sales transactions involving credit card or debit card purchases by customers using credit cards or debit cards issued by any Credit Card Issuer.

  • Card Transactions means any payment made for goods or services, cash withdrawals from a bank or financial institution (including ATM withdrawals) or transfer of funds made through the use of the Card or the Card number.

  • Counterparty Downgrade Collateral Account means an interest-bearing account of the Issuer with the Custodian into which all Counterparty Downgrade Collateral is to be deposited.

  • ASX Settlement means ASX Settlement Pty Ltd (ABN 49 008 504 532);

  • Retail Settlement Code means the code approved by the Board which, among other things, establishes a distributor’s obligations and responsibilities associated with financial settlement among retailers and consumers and provides for tracking and facilitating consumer transfers among competitive retailers;

  • Credit Card Agreements means all agreements entered into on, prior and after the date hereof by any Borrower or for the benefit of any Borrower, in each case with any Credit Card Issuer or any Credit Card Processor, as the same now exist or may hereafter be amended, modified, supplemented, extended, renewed, restated or replaced, including, but not limited to, the agreements set forth on Schedule 8.16 hereto.

  • Settlement Account means the transactional banking account held with an Australian bank which is nominated by the Investor on its Application Form;

  • Structured settlement agreement means the agreement, judgment, stipulation, or release embodying the terms of a structured settlement.

  • Settlement Class Members means a Person(s) who falls within the definition of the Settlement Class.

  • Settlement Class Period means the period January 1, 2006 through January 31,