Definition of CPAM CLO Documents

CPAM CLO Documents means, collectively, the CPAM Collateral Management Agreements, the CPAM Collateral Administration Agreements and the CPAM Indentures.

Examples of CPAM CLO Documents in a sentence

Buyer is, or through one or more Affiliates (which Affiliates shall be involved in or oversee the business of CPAM from and after the Closing Date) is, an institutional portfolio manager of nationally recognized standing experienced in the management of collateralized loan obligation funds and has the ability to competently perform the duties that will be required of it as the collateral manager under the CPAM CLO Documents.
Seller shall assign or terminate or cause to be assigned or terminated each of the Contracts of CPAM other than those designated with an asterisk on Schedule 3.2(g) of Seller's Disclosure Letter (such Contracts to be assigned or terminated, the "Non-Assumed Contracts"), on or before the Closing Date or as soon as practicable thereafter, consistent with Law, the terms of such Contracts, Seller's obligations under this Agreement and CPAM's obligations under the CPAM CLO Documents.