Covered Hole definition

Covered Hole means the hole or holes shown above.

Examples of Covered Hole in a sentence

No more than five (5) percent of the Participants must have completed playing any Covered Hole.

None of the Participants have made a Hole-In-One on any Covered Hole.

Certification by a tournament official that the distance from the tee to the green of the Covered Hole upon which the Hole-In-One was made was at least 135 yards at the time the Hole-In-One was made.

The winning Participant, the tournament officials monitoring play at the Covered Hole, and the Club Secretary must certify that the Hole-In-One was made on the score card of the Participant making the Hole-In-One.

The green at the Covered Hole shall not be specially prepared or altered from the condition which is usual for normal play, nor shall the hole be so positioned on the green as to facilitate a Hole-In-One.

A tournament official must monitor play at the Covered Hole during the Covered Tournament.

The Company shall indemnify the Insured for an amount not exceeding the amount of insurance, for the costs incurred in providing an award to the Participant who, during the policy, makes the first Hole-In- One on a Covered Hole in a Covered Tournament.

The distance from the tee to the green of the Covered Hole on which the Hole-In-One is made must be at least 135 yards.

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