Coupon Contract definition

Coupon Contract means a Contract which by its then applicable terms requires the related Obligor to remit payments by check in an amount specified in a coupon payment book or other billing statement prepared and sent to the Obligor by BTFC.

Examples of Coupon Contract in a sentence

  • Landlord will be paid under this Rental Coupon Contract on or about the first day of the month for which the payment is due.

  • The right of Landlord to receive payments under this Rental Coupon Contract will be subject to compliance with all the provisions of the Rental Coupon Contract.

  • With no less than sixty (60) days notice to Tenant and Administrator, Landlord may propose a reasonable rent adjustment to be effective following termination of this Rental Coupon Contract.

  • If Administrator and/or TDHCA determine that Landlord is not meeting these obligations, Administrator and/or TDHCA will have the right, even if Tenant continues in occupancy, to terminate payment of Administrator’s share of the rent and/or terminate this Rental Coupon Contract.

  • Landlord will provide any information pertinent to this Rental Coupon Contract which Administrator, TDHCA, or HUD may reasonably require.

  • Administrator’s rights and remedies under this Rental Coupon Contract include recovery of overpayments, termination or reduction of payments, and termination of the Rental Coupon Contract.

  • SIFMA AMG, “Market Agreed Coupon Contract for Interest Rate Swaps”, 23 April 2013, available at

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  • If the (program administrator) determines that the Landlord is not entitled to any payments received, in addition to other remedies, the (program administrator) may deduct the amount of the overpayment from any amounts due the Landlord, including the amounts due under any other Rental Assistance Coupon Contract.

  • If Administrator determines that a breach has occurred, Administrator may exercise any of its rights or remedies under this Rental Coupon Contract.

Related to Coupon Contract

  • sub-contract means the primary contractor’s assigning, leasing, making out work to, or employing, another person to support such primary contractor in the execution of part of a project in terms of the contract;

  • Privatization contract means an agreement or series of agreements between a state contracting agency and a person or entity in which such person or entity agrees to provide services that are substantially similar to and in lieu of services provided, in whole or in part, by state employees, other than contracts with a nonprofit agency, which are in effect as of January 1, 2009, and which through a renewal, modification, extension or rebidding of contracts continue to be provided by a nonprofit agency;

  • Option Contract means a standardised contract the effect of which is that a person acquires the option—

  • Loan Contract , subject to section 15, means a contract under which a person in the course of a business carried on by him or her provides or agrees to provide credit to another person, not being a body corporate, in any of the following ways:

  • Non Contract Player means any Player (other than a Player on a Scholarship) who is eligible to play for a Club but has not entered into a written contract of employment.

  • Coupon Security means any Bearer Security authenticated and delivered with one or more Coupons appertaining thereto.

  • Open Contract means a Contract which has not been closed out and which has not yet matured;

  • O&M Contract means the operation and maintenance contract that may be entered into between the Concessionaire and the O&M Contractor for performance of all or any of the O&M obligations;

  • Contract Agreement means the Agreement entered into between the Purchaser and the Supplier, together with the Contract Documents referred to therein, including all attachments, appendices, and all documents incorporated by reference therein;

  • guarantee contract means a contract entered into by a person as guarantor;

  • Coupon means any interest coupon appertaining to a Bearer Security.

  • Term contract means contracts established by the chief procurement officer for specific supplies, services, or information technology for a specified time and for which it is mandatory that all governmental bodies procure their requirements during its term. As provided in the solicitation, if a public procurement unit is offered the same supplies, services, or information technology at a price that is at least ten percent less than the term contract price, it may purchase from the vendor offering the lower price after first offering the vendor holding the term contract the option to meet the lower price. The solicitation used to establish the term contract must specify contract terms applicable to a purchase from the vendor offering the lower price. If the vendor holding the term contract meets the lower price, then the governmental body shall purchase from the contract vendor. All decisions to purchase from the vendor offering the lower price must be documented by the procurement officer in sufficient detail to satisfy the requirements of an external audit. A term contract may be a multi‑term contract as provided in Section 11‑35‑2030.

  • Advance Payment Contract means any contract whereby any Credit Party either (a) receives or becomes entitled to receive (either directly or indirectly) any payment (an “Advance Payment”) to be applied toward payment of the purchase price of Hydrocarbons produced or to be produced from Oil and Gas Interests owned by any Credit Party and which Advance Payment is, or is to be, paid in advance of actual delivery of such production to or for the account of the purchaser regardless of such production, or (b) grants an option or right of refusal to the purchaser to take delivery of such production in lieu of payment, and, in either of the foregoing instances, the Advance Payment is, or is to be, applied as payment in full for such production when sold and delivered or is, or is to be, applied as payment for a portion only of the purchase price thereof or of a percentage or share of such production; provided that inclusion of the standard “take or pay” provision in any gas sales or purchase contract or any other similar contract shall not, in and of itself, constitute such contract as an Advance Payment Contract for the purposes hereof.

  • Construction Contract or “contract” means a written agreement between a contractor and a public agency for the construction, alteration, demolition, or repair of a facility, other than a contract having a dollar value of less than $30,000.00 or a contract that provides for 3 or fewer payments.

  • Contract means the agreement that results from the acceptance of a bid by an organ of state;

  • Installment lease contract means a lease contract that authorizes or requires the delivery of goods in separate lots to be separately accepted, even though the lease contract contains a clause "each delivery is a separate lease" or its equivalent.

  • CFD Contract or "CFD" shall mean a contract which is a contract for difference by reference to fluctuations in the price of the relevant security or index;

  • Main Contract means the contract between the Contractor and the Employer for the completion of the Works;

  • Registered contract means a variable annuity contract or variable life insurance policy subject to the prospectus delivery requirements of the Securities Act of 1933.

  • Connection Contract means a contract under which Distributed Generation is connected to the Network entered into by the Distributor and a Distributed Generator in accordance with Part 6 of the Code, and, for the purposes of this Agreement, the Distributor and a Distributed Generator are deemed to have entered into a Connection Contract if the regulated terms in Part 6 of the Code apply;

  • Intercompany Subordination Agreement means an intercompany subordination agreement, dated as of even date with this Agreement, executed and delivered by each Loan Party and each of its Subsidiaries, and Agent, the form and substance of which is reasonably satisfactory to Agent.

  • Group contract means a contract for health care services which by its terms limits eligibility to members of a specified group. The group contract may include coverage for dependents.

  • Major Contract means (i) any management, brokerage or leasing agreement, or (ii) any cleaning, maintenance, service or other contract or agreement of any kind (other than Leases) of a material nature (materiality for these purposes to include, without limitation, contracts which extend beyond one year (unless cancelable on thirty (30) days or less notice without requiring the payment of termination fees or payments of any kind)), in either case relating to the ownership, leasing, management, use, operation, maintenance, repair or restoration of the Property, whether written or oral.

  • Government Contract means a contract awarded by a governmental entity for general construction, an improvement, a service, or a public works project or for a purchase of supplies, materials, or equipment.

  • Letter of Tender means the document entitled letter of tender, which was completed by the Contractor and includes the signed offer to the Employer for the Works.

  • works contract means a contract for building, construction, fabrication, completion, erection, installation, fitting out, improvement, modification, repair, maintenance, renovation, alteration or commissioning of any immovable property wherein transfer of property in goods (whether as goods or in some other form) is involved in the execution of such contract;