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County of San Bernardino. ’ means the County of

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  • CONCLUSION 4.1 The total net expenditure as at 31 May 2017 is £674,000 giving an underspend against budget to date of £12,000.

  • In the event of litigation between the parties, venue in state trial courts shall lie exclusively in the County of San Bernardino.

  • The San Bernardino Community College District was established in 1926 and serves most of the County of San Bernardino and a small portion of the County of Riverside.

  • Law of the State of CaliforniaThe resulting contract will be entered into within the State of California and the law of said state, whether substantive or procedural, shall apply to the contract, and all statutory, charter and ordinance provisions that is applicable to public contracts within the County of San Bernardino and the State of California shall be followed with respect to the contract.

  • All artwork, proofs and/or negatives in either print or digital format for this product are the property of the County of San Bernardino.

  • In submitting this proposal it is understood that the right is reserved by the Housing Authority of the County of San Bernardino to reject any and all proposals.

  • Accounts paid for transportation of property to the County of San Bernardino are exempt from Federal Transportation Tax.

  • Vendor agrees to provide or has already provided information on former County of San Bernardino administrative officials (as defined below) who are employed by or represent Vendor.

  • Contractor agrees to comply with: the provisions of the County of San Bernardino Equal Employment Opportunity Program and rules and regulations adopted pursuant thereto; Executive Order 11246 [30 Fed.

  • All such materials developed under the terms of this contract shall acknowledge the County of San Bernardino as the funding agency and Vendor as the creator of the publication.

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  • County of residence means the county in this state in which, at the time a person applies for or receives services, the person is living and has established an ongoing presence with the declared, good faith intention of living in the county for a permanent or indefinite period of time. The county of residence of a person who is a homeless person is the county where the homeless person usually sleeps. A person maintains residency in the county in which the person last resided while the person is present in another county receiving services in a hospital, a correctional facility, a halfway house for community-based corrections or substance-related treatment, a nursing facility, an intermediate care facility for persons with an intellectual disability, or a residential care facility, or for the purpose of attending a college or university. (IC 331.394(1)a)

  • County highway means a public road that is constructed and

  • County means the county of Los Angeles or any public entities for which the board of supervisors is the governing body. (Ord. 2002-0040 § 1, 2002: Ord. 2002-0015 § 1 (part), 2002)

  • County clerk means the county clerk or the county official in charge of elections.

  • Urban district means the territory contiguous to and including any street or highway which is built up with structures devoted to business, industry or dwelling houses situated at intervals of less than 100 feet for distance of a quarter of a mile or more, and the character of such territory is indicated by official traffic control devices. (ORC 4511.01(PP))

  • sitting means, in relation to a House, a period during which that House is sitting continuously without adjournment, and includes any period during which the House is in committee;

  • Cook means an employee who grills food on a salamander, stove, hot plate or barbecue type cooker and shall include preparing, frying or cooking fish or chicken or cooking pizzas.

  • County office means any officer, department, board, commission, agency, court, or other instrumentality of a county.

  • County Executive means the County Executive of the County.

  • County Government means the county government provided for under Article 176 of the Constitution;

  • Commissioners Court means the governing body of the County.

  • Southern means The Southern Company, its successors and assigns.

  • State Court means a judicial body of a state that is vested by law with responsibility for adjudicating cases involving abuse, neglect, deprivation, delinquency, or status offenses of individuals who have not attained the age of eighteen (18).

  • County department means the county or district department of social services.

  • the City means the City and County of San Francisco, a municipal corporation, acting by and through both its Director of the Office of Contract Administration or the Director’s designated agent, hereinafter referred to as “Purchasing” and [insert name of department].

  • District Court means the United States District Court for the District of Delaware.

  • County officers means those county officers that are required by law to be

  • State Forester means the State Forester or the duly authorized representative of the State Forester.

  • County Attorney means the County Attorney of the County of Suffolk.

  • Federal Court means the Federal Court of Australia.

  • District or “School District” means the Crane Independent School District, being a duly authorized and operating school district in the State, having the power to levy, assess, and collect ad valorem taxes within its boundaries and to which Subchapter C of the Act applies. The term also includes any successor independent school district or other successor governmental authority having the power to levy and collect ad valorem taxes for school purposes on the Applicant’s Qualified Property or the Applicant’s Qualified Investment.

  • Community Council or “Council” means a duly elected body of MNO citizens that represents a Charter Community,

  • County authority means the board of county commissioners,

  • County board means a county board of developmental disabilities.

  • County Council means Greenville County Council, the governing body of the County.

  • District Council means a district council within the meaning of the Local Government Act (Northern Ireland) 1972 F8;