Cooperative sale definition

Cooperative sale means a transaction involving two (2) or more brokers.
Cooperative sale means a sale of real property that has been listed with one real estate broker and sold by another;

Examples of Cooperative sale in a sentence

  • Cooperative sale figure collected at the evaluation baseline differ from those collected by WFP.

  • If a Cooperative loan exists, the loan will be satisfied from the proceeds of the sale by the seller at the closing of the Cooperative sale.

Related to Cooperative sale

  • Cooperative Property The real property and improvements owned by the Cooperative Corporation, including the allocation of individual dwelling units to the holders of the Coop Shares of the Cooperative Corporation.

  • Cooperative Shares Shares issued by a Cooperative Corporation.

  • Cooperative Project With respect to any Cooperative Loan, all real property and improvements thereto and rights therein and thereto owned by a Cooperative Corporation including without limitation the land, separate dwelling units and all common elements.

  • Cooperative purchasing means procurement conducted by, or on behalf of, more than one public procurement unit.

  • Cooperative Apartment A dwelling unit in a multi-dwelling building owned or leased by a Cooperative, which unit the Mortgagor has an exclusive right to occupy pursuant to the terms of a proprietary lease or occupancy agreement.

  • Cooperative procurement means procurement conducted by, or on behalf of:

  • Cooperative Stock With respect to a Cooperative Loan, the single outstanding class of stock, partnership interest or other ownership instrument in the related Cooperative.

  • Cooperative Lease With respect to a Cooperative Loan, the proprietary lease or occupancy agreement with respect to the Cooperative Apartment occupied by the Mortgagor and relating to the related Cooperative Stock, which lease or agreement confers an exclusive right to the holder of such Cooperative Stock to occupy such apartment.

  • Cooperative Agreement means a Financial Assistance instrument used by DOE to transfer money or property when the principal purpose of the transaction is to accomplish a public purpose of support or stimulation authorized by Federal statute, and Substantial Involvement (see definition below) is anticipated between DOE and the Applicant during the performance of the contemplated activity.

  • Cooperative Unit A single family dwelling located in a Cooperative Property.

  • Asset Transfer means a sale, lease, exclusive license or other disposition of all or substantially all of the assets of the Company.

  • Cooperating country means the country in which the employing USAID Mission is located.

  • Cooperative means a housing corporation or association which

  • Cooperative Lien Search A search for (a) federal tax liens, mechanics’ liens, lis pendens, judgments of record or otherwise against (i) the Cooperative Corporation and (ii) the seller of the Cooperative Unit, (b) filings of Financing Statements and (c) the deed of the Cooperative Project into the Cooperative Corporation.

  • Transfer student means a student entering an institution for the first time having successfully completed a minimum of 12 semester hours at another institution which is applicable for credit at the institution the student is entering.

  • Contractor-acquired property means property acquired, fabricated, or otherwise provided by the Contractor for performing a contract, and to which the Government has title.

  • Purchasing cooperative means a group purchasing organization that governmental entities join as members and the managing en- tity of which receives fees from members or vendors.

  • Native Student A student who entered a given college or university without first matriculating at another college.

  • Transfer Vehicle means any vehicle that operates in space and transfers Payloads or persons or both between two different space objects, between two different locations on the same space object, or between a space object and the surface of a celestial body. A Transfer Vehicle also includes a vehicle that departs from and returns to the same location on a space object.

  • prospective sale means a sale which is intended to be made in the future, upon the occurrence of a stated event, whether or not the occurrence of the event is certain;

  • Foreign cooperative means a corporation organized under laws other than the laws of this state operating on a cooperative basis or a similar basis that is provided in those other laws as a criterion for being a cooperative.

  • Limited cooperative association means, with respect to a Wisconsin cooperative, a cooperative organized under ch. 193.

  • Permitted Securitization Financing means one or more transactions pursuant to which (i) Securitization Assets or interests therein are sold or transferred to or financed by one or more Special Purpose Securitization Subsidiaries, and (ii) such Special Purpose Securitization Subsidiaries finance (or refinance) their acquisition of such Securitization Assets or interests therein, or the financing thereof, by selling or borrowing against Securitization Assets (including conduit and warehouse financings) and any Hedging Agreements entered into in connection with such Securitization Assets; provided, that recourse to the Borrower or any Subsidiary (other than the Special Purpose Securitization Subsidiaries) in connection with such transactions shall be limited to the extent customary (as determined by the Borrower in good faith) for similar transactions in the applicable jurisdictions (including, to the extent applicable, in a manner consistent with the delivery of a “true sale”/“absolute transfer” opinion with respect to any transfer by the Borrower or any Subsidiary (other than a Special Purpose Securitization Subsidiary).

  • Permitted Securitization Transaction Any financing transaction undertaken by the Seller or an Affiliate of the Seller that is secured, directly or indirectly, by the Collateral or any portion thereof or any interest therein, including any sale, lease, whole loan sale, asset securitization, secured loan or other transfer.

  • Transition Property means the property right created by a financing order, including without