Continuing Rights and Obligations definition

Continuing Rights and Obligations means the provisions in Clause 2 (Definitions and Interpretation”), Clause 7 (Representations and Warranties), Clause 8 (Termination) and Clause 9 (Miscellaneous);
Continuing Rights and Obligations means all rights, licenses and obligations of the parties hereto under this Agreement and any SOW(s) entered into hereunder except for: [*]=Confidential Treatment Requested--Edited Copies Form Title: Licensed & Developed Works Agreement 2 of 8 Form Release: 8/98 Revision: 11/98 3 LICENSED & DEVELOPED WORKS AGREEMENT [*] [*]

Examples of Continuing Rights and Obligations in a sentence

  • If the Defaulting Party fails to initiate such dispute resolution procedures within the twenty-five-day time period specified in this Subsection (d), the Defaulting Party shall be deemed and construed for all purposes to have waived any and all rights it may have to thereafter dispute the correctness and/or validity of the Notice of Termination and/or any material fact described therein.Section 14.4 Effect of Expiration or Earlier Termination.(a) Continuing Rights and Obligations.

  • Continuing Rights and Obligations..............................................

  • I also agree that the Continuing Rights and Obligations as defined in that Employment Agreement will continue to be effective despite my resignation.

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  • Bond Obligations means the principal of a bond and any premium and interest on a bond issued under this subchapter, together with any amount owed under a related credit agreement.

  • Bond Obligation means, as of the date of computation, the principal amount of the Bonds then Outstanding.

  • Permitted Assignees shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3(e) hereto;

  • Permitted Assignment means a Permitted Subsidiary Assignment or a Permitted Third-Party Assignment.

  • Continuing Obligations mean obligations or responsibilities that are reasonably expected to continue or arise after Operations on a particular area of the Properties have ceased or are suspended, such as future monitoring, stabilization, or Environmental Compliance.

  • prospective assignment means an assignment that is intended to be made in the future, upon the occurrence of a stated event, whether or not the occurrence of the event is certain;

  • Continuing Arrangements means those arrangements set forth on Schedule 1.1(24) and such other commercial arrangements among the Parties that are intended to survive and continue following the Effective Time; provided, however, that for the avoidance of doubt, Continuing Arrangements shall not be Third Party Agreements.

  • Assumed Obligations shall have the meaning set forth in Section 13.1.

  • Permitted Assign means, for a person that is an employee, executive officer, director or consultant of an issuer or of a related entity of the issuer,

  • Permitted Assigns means with respect to a Blackstone Entity, a Transferee of shares of Common Stock that agrees to become party to, and to be bound to the same extent as its Transferor by the terms of, this Agreement.

  • Participation Agreements as defined in this Trust Supplement are the "Note Purchase Agreements" referred to in the Basic Agreement.

  • Retained Obligations shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.6.

  • Permitted Lock-Up Agreement means an agreement (the “Lock-Up Agreement”) between a Person and one or more holders of Voting Shares and/or Convertible Securities (each a “Locked-Up Person”) (the terms of which are publicly disclosed and a copy of which is made available to the public (including the Corporation) not later than the date the Lock-Up Bid (as defined below) is publicly announced or, if the Lock-Up Bid has been made prior to the date on which such Lock-Up Agreement is entered into, not later than the date of such Lock-Up Agreement (or, if such date is not a Business Day, on the Business Day next following such date)), pursuant to which such Locked-Up Person agrees to deposit or tender Voting Shares and/or Convertible Securities held by such holder to a Take-Over Bid (the “Lock-Up Bid”) made or to be made by such Person, any of such Person’s Affiliates or Associates or any other Person with which, and in respect of which security, such Person is acting jointly or in concert; provided that:

  • Transition Effective Date has the meaning set forth in Section II.D.3.

  • Applicable Participation Agreement Has the meaning specified in Section 5.01(b) of this Trust Supplement.

  • Long Term Supply Assignment means, in relation to an employee,

  • Obligations means any principal, interest, penalties, fees, indemnifications, reimbursements, damages and other liabilities payable under the documentation governing any Indebtedness.

  • Direct Assignment Facilities means facilities or portions of facilities that are constructed for the sole use/benefit of a particular Transmission Customer requesting service under the Tariff. Direct Assignment Facilities shall be specified in the Service Agreement that governs service to the Transmission Customer and shall be subject to Commission approval.

  • Resignation Effective Date has the meaning specified in Section 9.06(a).

  • Amendment No. 5 Effective Date means the “Amendment Effective Date” as defined in Amendment No. 5.

  • Non-Assignable Contract means any agreement, contract or license to which any Grantor is a party that by its terms purports to restrict or prevent the assignment or granting of a security interest therein (either by its terms or by any federal or state statutory prohibition or otherwise irrespective of whether such prohibition or restriction is enforceable under Section 9-406 through 409 of the UCC).

  • Amendment No. 4 Effective Date means the “Effective Date” as defined in Amendment No. 4.

  • Amendment No. 8 Effective Date means the “Effective Date” as defined in Amendment No. 8.

  • Expiring Rights means any rights, options or warrants to purchase Ordinary Shares or ADSs that expire on or prior to the Maturity Date.

  • Amendment No. 2 Effective Date has the meaning specified in Amendment No. 2.

  • Co-Lender Agreement With respect to any Loan Combination, the co-lender agreement, intercreditor agreement, agreement among noteholders or similar agreement, dated as of the date set forth in the Loan Combination Table under the column heading “Date of Co-Lender Agreement” and governing the relative rights of the holders of the related Mortgage Loan and Companion Loan(s), as the same may be amended, restated or otherwise modified from time to time in accordance with the terms thereof. A Co-Lender Agreement exists with respect to each Loan Combination as of the Closing Date.